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Destiny 2 – Should I buy it or not?

Let me start buy saying that I am a big fan of Destiny. I played this game over hundreds of hours. Destiny was also one of the best online social experience I had for a long time. I met so many new friends. I never felt such a joy playing the game with friends. I stopped playing a few months ago. I bought all the DLCs and enjoy every one of them. Read more

Paragon, what an amazing game!

A few weeks ago I started playing Paragon. Paragon is a MOBA game for the PC and PS4. In the past, I played a few MOBA games, including Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. I played those games only for a few days and I just didn’t like playing these type of games. I don’t know what the exact reasons, maybe the progression system, the top-down view—I just got bored pretty fast. That being said, I really love to watch DOTA 2 tournaments, and I am a Na’Vi fan. Read more

Nintendo Switch – better 3rd party support vs portability

I’ve seen some video on YouTube where tech guys and Nintendo fans talk about that Nintendo didn’t learn from the Wii U mistake and repeating. For them, Nintendo repeats the same mistakes all over again with the Nintendo Switch. Read more

For Honor closed beta first impressions (PS4) – Progression, graphics, game modes, gameplay mechanics

Knight and Samurai fighting, For Honor screeshot

Before I’ll start sharing my experience with the For Honor close up beta, juts so you know that these impressions are based on the beta stage development of For Honor, and things might change by the time the game is officially released on February 14th. Oh, the beta didn’t offer the option to play the single-player campaign, just the multiplayer. I also played the beta on the PlayStation 4, not the PC. Read more

Overwatch Capture the Flag mode requires different strategy and character pickup

The new Capture the Flag game mode in Overwatch really comes in a great time for me. I really wanted a game mode that will refresh things up for me.  In this mode, each team needs to capture the flag of the enemy’s team and bring the flag back to their base. Only one person can carry a flag. To capture a flag, you need to go to where the enemy’s flag is located, not far from the base, stand next to it for a few second, then quickly make your way back to where your team’s flag is located. Read more

Overwatch Year of The Rooster legendary skins and Capture the Flag game mode

Year of the Rooster Overwatch Skins

The new Year of the Rooster update is out and oh boy it looks amazing. With the new update, Blizzard also added a new Capture The Flag mode. I’ve played a few hours over the night and I just love this mode. This mode is currently available in the Arcade mode. Read more

Got a key for the closed beta of For Honor! (PS4)

A few hours ago I’ve received an invitation for the closed beta for the game ‘For Honor’ by Ubisoft. I was looking for this game for a long time, but I’m still not sure whether to bring Nioh or For Honor. It’s great that I have the option to play the game and see if I like it or not. It’s already downloaded so I just need to wait for January 26th 3PM CET to play. Read more

How I learned to enjoy playing Nioh and stop complaining?

Nioh screenshot

I have the PS4 for over two years now. I’ve played a lot of games on it from different genres, including fighting games, first-person shooters, RPGs, adventure, etc. In the past year I start to get a bit bored with the available games, playing only Overwatch and Battlefield 1. I knew I needed a different game, but I did’t know that this game will be Nioh. Read more

Nioh is too hard, but don’t give up or you might miss an amazing adventure

Nioh game screenshot

I’ve played Nioh today with a friend who has already finished the beta both on regular mode and twilight mode. From a person who didn’t play any of the Soul games or Bloodborne, coming to Nioh was a very hard experience. It’s even a hard experience for experience soul fans, so let alone for a newbie that making its first baby steps into this genre. Read more

Ubisoft really needs to allow everybody play For Honor in Open Beta

I’ve spent many hours just watching some gameplay of the upcoming multiplayer game, For Honor. I really want to get this game because I love multiplayer games and it looks really unique. My main problem is that I don’t know really what to expect from this game. I really need to try it myself in order to get the feel of the game. Read more

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