Kung Jin Fatality Mortal Kombat X

Fatal 8 Grand Final was great, I was waiting for it for a long time. It was the first time we were able to see how the pros play MKX and watch some of they adapt to the new characters, the classic character’s movements and the variations.

We’ve seen players changing variations during the match in order to try to gain advantage over their opponent. The thing is that all of them have given to practice Mortal Kombat X for two days. This is probably one reason why we haven’t seen anyone changing players, as they probably be able to practice one character, there just wasn’t enough time to learn all the moves of more characters.

We’ve seen that CR_SONICFOX did an amazing job with Erron Black, which is a new character introduced in MKX.  Some people on Youtube comment about Erron Black being overpowered and should be nerfed. There is also an interesting conversation on reddit.com regarding the same subject.  Let’s just keep in mind that although this might be true, it was CR_SONICFOX who played it, and he was the favorable players to win this competition from the beginning, he is an amazing player. There isn’t enough information for us to evaluate Erron Black, not only by watching this tournament.  Sonic Fox could have taken this probably with every character he decided to play, not just Erron Black.

I was also very impressed with Jax, Scorpion, Kung Lao and Kung Kin as well. Kung Lao was really hard to fight against. He is very strong at close-range when played as Buzz Saw variation. ‘Perfect Legend’ (Ryan Hard) played Kung Jin and he was very good at it. He is one of the most intelligent players in my opinion, and I really enjoyed his play style.

You can see Ryan Hart match here vs Perfect Legend (Kung Jin vs Kung Lao), it was a very interesting match.

I actually enjoy it better watching those two guys fight instead of CR_SONICFOX, which seems like a one-sided fight, but he is that good, nothing to do about it. It just that this particular fight was one of my favorite. With CR_SONICFOX it’s like continue watching a soccer match that is already 4-0 on the first half and you already know who is going to win, it’s just kind of boring if you understand what I mean.

I’m sure that when they given more time to practice, and of course they will, we’ll see more different characters and probably much different results. But this game us a good look at the combos and tactics for each of the played characters, so it was interesting nevertheless.

We’ve also seen some cool fatalities, including the cool Kung Jin Fatality where Kung Jin shots three arrows to his opponent’s face, two to each eye and one to the mouth while his head is separated from his body and slides down on the arrows when the land on the floor – really brutal if you ask me.

After The crows was cheering after each Fatality or Brutality, and you can see how much people enjoyed watching them, especially when they favorable player did it.

So as for now, it’s to early to tell whether Erron Black was overpowered or any other character in this regard.  I’m sure that in time, we’ll see which character gets a buff or nerfed, but meantime, let’s just have fun!