After watching the Nintendo Switch event in Tokyo on a live Stream, IO couldn’t ignore the fact that the aren’t many games coming for the Switch in the first month of its release. I think that it would be wise of Nintendo, to also focus on releasing games that have a higher replay value. Games that can play for a long time, unlike some games that you can complete in a few days or even in a few hours.

A great example such a game is Super Smash Bros, which is still hasn’t been announced for the Switch yet. I was really happy when I saw a game called ARMS coming to the Switch. This is exactly among those type of games that can give players hours even thousands of hours of gameplay time. I think that the most satisfying games that bring the highest replay value are the online competitive games like Splatoon and Super Smash Bros. I think that Nintendo, its developer, wanted to release a game that can answer the demand for gamers for competitive multiplayer games. I also think that there is a huge adult audience for these games. I’m also pretty sure that if there are games that might convince PS4 and Xbox One players to buy the Nintendo Switch is those great multiplayer games.

The thing about multiplayer games is that there are best played when they are released and when there are a lot of players playing them. In time, the player base is gradually reduced. Some of those like Super Smash Bros. for example, have a very long shelf life. Super Smash Bros. was first released in January 21, 1999 and latest version for the Wii U and 3DS are still super popular today. These are those type of games that you can login everyday, play a few matches, have fun, and continue what you were doing.  They are built into relatively short but intense competitive gameplay sessions.

About ARMS

ARMS is exactly the game that the Switch needed. It’s a 1-vs-1 comparative boxing type game that was designed with the Joy-Con motion controllers in mind, but can be played with the Pro controller as well, or without the motion sensors.  The graphics of this game is just top-notch, super vivid cartoon-style visuals that you can expect from a Nintendo title.  I personally would have wished that there would be a 2-vs-2 option, but it looks great nevertheless. Arms is also a Nintendo Switch exclusive title and it isn’t available for the Wii U or other consoles. It was developed and published by Nintendo itself. You can play the game against AI characters, but the most enjoyable experience comes when you battle against a real online player.

Arms game screenshot, for Nintendo Switch

Arms game screenshot (image credit: Nintendo, via under CC-BY-SA)

ARMS is exactly the type of game that I want to play on the Switch. I also wanted to play Super Smash Bros., but apparently I’ll have to wait until one installment of this game arrived to the Switch.

Arms has many of the needed elements to make it a very popular games among not just Nintendo fans, but for new players that this is their first time buying a Nintendo gaming system. Here are the list of the things that I think makes Arms such an amazing title, starting from general remarks and through more specific ones:

  • High quality vivid visuals – It features triple-A quality visuals, which are very vivid and joyful and the character animation is super fluid
  • Superb character design full of personality – The character design is unique, polished with a cartoon-style look and a touch of humor in terms of design
  • Innovative gameplay mechanics – It features innovative gameplay mechanics (not just plains straight punches), which easy to learn but hard to master when competing against skilled players. There is depth to the gameplay system, including the ability to change arm types, move around the arena, use power-up punches, deal curved attacks, dash and block attacks, etc.
  • Competitive with and online matchmaking – It has a competitive aspect to it. This wll drive players to try to get better and better in the game. You can play against your friends locally on a split screen or online. Hopefully the game will have a progression system that also reward players for their achievements.
  • Fast-paced gameplay – a fast gameplay experience boost the adernaline, making you feel really pumped and consumed by the game because you need to concentrate. Also because you are emotionally influenced by the fact that your are fighting against a real person on the other side, so ego kicks in quite hard (for some people) and nobody wants to lose in a game, especially not against other players.
  • High replay value – you can spend even hundreds of hours on this game without getting bored. You’ll try to get better and better in the game.
  • Variety of characters to choose from
  • Superb visual presentation of the game, which I’m sure it will be even not less amazing to watch a stream of this game where two people fight against each other
  • Great integration with the highly-responsive motion controllers
  • Beautiful arenas
  • Can use multiple selection of arms
  • Enforces smart tactical gameplay and adapting to the other player gamplay by choosing different arms  (you can equipped different arm types for each hand)
  • Open for some great DLC content (E.g. new arms, new arenas, new characters, new game modes, etc.)

Here is a video by Nintendo Treehouse, where you can see Arms in action.

As you can see, Arms is a really great game and I’m sure it will be one of the most popular games for the Switch in 2017. It’s a must buy game in my opinion, a game that you can always load and play on your free time and have a great time.

What do you think about Arms? Share your opinion in the comments section below and share your opinion in the poll below. Thanks for reading.