EA and DICE have finally revealed the latest installment of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1. It seems that the name kind of suits the game because it takes place in a time before the modern BF2 (early 21st century) and before Battlefield 1942 (World War II). To be honest, I don’t really care about the name, I care about the game itself. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for a great new BF title, and maybe, this time, EA nailed it.

I played all the Battlefield titles and spent over 1500 hours playing Battlefield 3. I was among those who played Battlefield Hardline, but was very disappointed with it, gameplay wise. I bought Battlefield 4, but I stopped playing it after a few days, too many problems and I hated the change in the character movement. It seemed to me like EA was trying to copy some of the Call of Duty character mechanics; for me it just didn’t work (later they changed it back as it was in BF3, luckily for them).

Many people say that Hardline and Battlefront are just a reskin/rehash of BF4. I can agree with that to some degree. I really wanted to think that they did it in order to put their main effort on their big next Battlefield title, their original and most favorite title and make Battlefield 1 the best Battlefield game ever made.

Battlefield 1 Trailer vs COD Infinite Warfare Trailer

Let’s start with the trailer, it looks bloody awesome. OK, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it first.

The Battlefield 1 trailer is really got my heart pumping, especially at the start where you see that guy on the horse charges forward with his curved sword and the soundtrack really compliment the visuals – amazing trailer. By the way, Battlefield 1 was announced yesterday, and it got almost 6 million views, with 450K positive upvotes and only 9K downvotes.Battlefield Hardline trailer until now has reached around 6.1 Million views in total with only as 13K upvotes and 1.7K downvotes. This certainly shows us how popular EA’s main title is compared to its niche titles.

Battlefield 1 trailer was much more loved by viewers compared to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer, which until now got 10.3 Million views (the trailer released on May 2nd, 5 days ago, as of the time of writing), and received 215K upvotes, but looks at this, it received around three times more downvotes, around 600K. I’ve heard that there was a campaign organized by COD fans that have decided to show their dissatisfaction with the new title by massively downvoting the trailer on YouTube (you can read more about it here). In fact, Activision responded to this, but I personally think that that response made their fans even more angry and frustrated.

So the funny thing is (well, it’s not that funny for any COD fan out there), that yesterday, EA/Dice have revealed Battlefield 1, and guess what, it carries a World War I theme. So this is exactly what COD fans were asking for, and while Activision wasn’t listening, it seems that EA did. I think that what seems to be a mistake by Activision, might be a big moment for EA for maybe convincing COD players that it’s time to switch camps. There was always a big FPS war between these two franchises, but many people will agree that EA certainly has the upper hand now.

Many BF fans aren’t a big fan of EA as a company. People appreciate the developer, DICE, but don’t like its publisher. From what I’ve seen, the guys on DICE are just amazing. They really try to get as close as they can to their fans and listen to not just what they have to say, but also show them that they are listening.

The results are in: TONS of POSITIVE feedback from both BF fans and the FPS community on this new reveal. I remember watching the stream on Twitch when one guy threw the phrase “RIP COD”, and then this phrase caught on all social medias.  Many BF fans enjoyed seeing DICE releasing a game that COD fans were eager for such a long time. They asked for WWI themed game, but instead of getting it from Activision, they got it from their opponent’s side; I’m sure it was really frustrated for them.

To be honest, I did play Black Ops 3, and I think it’s a great multiplayer shooter. I played it on the PS4, and I think it looks great and plays great. That being said, I bought it because I love FPS games and there were no better alternatives out there. So to fill out the time, and to enjoy playing with friends who already bought it, I bought it was well.

The thing is that many FPS fans are just tired with all that futuristic warfare theme. It doesn’t matter how more advanced you make the weapons, it is not convincing any more. In fact, I personally more emotionally connected to a sound of a real gun then hearing lasers and ship engines sounds. I did enjoy playing Destiny with my friends, but there is a great part of me that craves for an authentic shooter. From what I learned about DICE, I’m sure that they will make sure the game has authentic weapons, but they will add arcadic elements to it to make it more enjoyable to play. Battlefield fans don’t want a WWI simulator I believe. By observing the BF1 trailer closely, I think that the combination of authenticness and arcade is just right, but that’s too early to judge.

Battlefield 1 vs Verdum

Many gamers also compare the Battlefield 1 to another WWI game called Verdun. Verdun is really a great WWI game that features realistic World War 1 gameplay with authentic weaponry and bullet physics. It uses a typical WW1 music and style and the war takes place in historical places, including true trench warfare – which was the popular strategic way to fight back then.

I think that Battlefield 1 will be a different type of game. It will be more of an arcade-style type of game, the same as BF3 and BF4 were. I also think that it won’t be accurate as Verdun is trying to be, but it will use many of the available and authentic weaponry and vehicles that were used back then, even if some of them weren’t heavily used, if they fit the gameplay, it is vaiable fo inclusion.

For those of you who are interesting to know what is Verdun, here is the “Horrors of War” expansion trailer.

FPS gamers are fed up with Futuristic Warfare?

It’s not hard to see that many FPS fans are fed up with futuristic warfare FPS games. I think that EA went in a good path trying to add some different varieties to the FPS genre, including cops and thieves (Hardline) and Star Wars (Battlefront). I think it’s better than having the same type of game every year, although these games were negatively criticized of being a rehash of BF4.

FPS games will still be FPS games, we need to understand that. We don’t want DICE to change that. That being said, I think that many people just want to see more innovation. They don’t know what exactly, and they trust those large cooperations to come up with something really unique and interesting. In some way, going back to World War I doesn’t seem like an original title, but let’s not forget that the last WWII FPS game was quite a long time ago, and some people haven’t gotten a chance to play those. I think it’s a great time to revive the old World War combat and bring it back to the FPS fans. DICE obviously did their homework and saw that there is a large demand for such a game, and luckily for them, Activision made, what seems like a big mistake (maybe they already knew about it), and went with another futuristic-themed COD game.

Call of Duty vs Battlefield

So while COD went further in time, Battlefield went even further backward in time. It’s like both went to opposite direction. This creates a much larger separation between the two franchises, and this means that the Call of Duty vs Battlefield online battles are going to be even more intense than ever before.

Call of duty series is well known for its World War II games and its close quarter combat multiplayer. Many COD fans already enjoyed the CQ combat in a futuristic environment, many of them were disappointed with some other titles like COD Ghost, and they hoped that Activision will revive some of its older titles and bring those back to life. It seems that this is not going to happen, not this year. This is why many gamers speculate that this year will be the year that Battlefield smashes its fierce competitor.

Nevertheless, the online Battlefield vs Call of Duty warfare will be even more intense than ever before.

I’m looking forward to some real gameplay footage and hear more about this new Battlefield 1 title. I have great hopes, and I just hope that we won’t get disappointed. I don’t think that DICE is going to screw this thing up, after all, this is their baby, and one of the most beloved FPS titles of all time.

What’s your opinion, Do you love the new Battlefield 1 or somewhat disappointed with what you’ve seen so far?