I downloaded Battlefield Hardline beta to my PS4 and spent the previous week playing it every day. In this article I want to share my first impressions after playing the beta.

I am a big Battlefield fan. I played Battlefield 3 over 1000 hours. I bought BF4 but found it lacking in many ways and I’ve decided not to play it. Now BF hardline is around the corner, and I was very excited to get my hands on it, at least on the beta, which was available to download free for the PS4.


The first day I played it around one hour and really didn’t want to play it anymore. For me, the game physics and player and weapon mechanics were just too arcade-style. In fact, I was really disappointed to see that the good old mechanics from BF3 were actually thrown away in favor of new mechanics.  Th graphics looked like coming from a game 10 years ago, This was just unacceptable.

I’ve decided to give the game another shot and asked my friends to join me the following day. I have to admit that this time, after playing about 6 hours, I really start enjoying it. With BF Hardline it’s all about playing with friends, playing alone  with random players was just boring.

I played every mode and found them all very entertaining. Starting with shooting from a heli and blowing up cars, shooting from a bike while my friend is cursing his way through the map, stop robbers from robbing a bank and unlocking many perks, weapons, upgrades and cosmetic materials for my character and vehicles. I really missed that Level Up animation since playing BF3 which I was already reached the top level.

Still, the graphics is really disappointing, the mechanics and physics seems old and clunky, but that aside, the game is very fun to play. I assume that this is something that won’t change, because it’s already in open beta. I am asking myself whether I should buy it if it stays like that.

I think that I’ll buy it for couple of reasons. The first one, there isn’t any multiplayer shooter other than Battlefield Hardline coming up any time soon (I’m currently playing Destiny). Second, many of my friends are buying it. Third, I had lots of fun playing with it, regardless of what I see as flaws after playing the beta. Just keep in mind that things might change when it is released, and everything I write here is just regarding the beta.

I think with a bit of polish, BF Hardline can be a super shooter to play this year. Play it with friends and you can see what I’m talking about. Although the open beta is over, I am looking forward to buy it when it released and play it with my friends.