I am playing Battlefield Hardline for ten days straight now. I’ve read many negative and positive opinions about this game, and I want to share my experience about the game with you guys.

First things first, I am a huge Battlefield franchise fan. I’ve been playing Battlefield since the first Battlefield game. I was really looking forward to play Battlefield Hardline and I got to play the beta on my PS4. The first day I played it I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it that much, something was lacking, whether the graphics, the mechanics, the gun handling – it all felt much different from other games in the series. The other day I wanted to give it another chance and ask friends to join in. That day I experienced Battlefield in a whole new way and I had so much fun playing it. I highly recommended anyone of my friends to install the beta and give it a chance.

This was the beta thought and the game is already out. I pre-order the game because I wanted it to be ready as soon as it released and have a chance to play with friends whom pre-ordered the game as well. I usually don’t pre-order games, but this time I did.


It’s All About Having Fun!

Battlefield Hardline Cop & Thieves theme is a nice idea in my opinion. The character design and movement is kind of funny and I always find it funny to watch other players move across the Battlefield doing their stuff. In Battlefield Hardline you’ll find it even funnier than any other previous BF games. The characters have funny gesture, they can spray custom emblems on almost anything and there is also Dyno and Wolf masks which you can unlock once you save $10M in your account.  Watching players blowing up cars with Breaching chargers, see then teabagging the enemy — all this really makes you laugh at times and contribute to the fun-factor that makes Battlefield Hardline so engaging and fun to play.

The moment I start playing the game, I really didn’t pay attention to the negative sides, which they were, because I was just having so much fun playing the game. Everything else was less of a significant for me.

Graphics and Mechanics

Fun as the game is, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the game doesn’t look as a next-gen game on PS4. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really nice, but no doubt that they could have don’e a better job in this. I don’t know what is the reason. I asked a friend some questions regarding this. He told me that the graphics are degraded in purpose in order for the game to look the same on all consoles. I might have looked better on the PS4, but because the Xbox One has inferior hardware specs, they didn’t want the game to look better on one console than the other. They also wanted the game to run at smooth at 60 fps, so they needed to tweak it and downgrade the polygon count and texture quality to make it run smoother.

I don’t know whether it’s all true or not, but I believe that it could have designed to look better on the PS4 than it is now. I care about graphics, but I the gameplay is more important than this. I remember enjoying many games 20 years ago, they had really bad graphics compared to what we have now and I don’t remember me complaining about it. in fact, for that time.

I hope that Battlefield 5 will have better graphics, but to be honest, the graphics are good and satisfying for the most part.

The gun and play mechanics will feel different from previous games. The gun mechanics and animation feels smoother and less realistic compared to other BF games. It took me a day to get used to it, but once you do, you probably won’t find it disturbing.

The player’s movement is smooth and responsive. The game runs really smooth on my PS4, but there are some frame rate issues in some parts of the game, especially when explosion occurs, you’ll feel a drop in framerate for a few seconds, but nothing that really hurt the gameplay experience as a whole, but it should be fixed.

Guns & Character Customization

There aren’t lots of guns in this game, at least if you compare it to BF4. That said, I usually choose two or three guns for each character and play with those, but it would have been great to have more guns to choose from, after all, it’s a Battlefield game.

The gun design looks pretty nice. I really like the customization options and the fact that you can change the skin of you gun to make it look unique in the Battlefield. I probably wouldn’t buy the $500K pink or green zebra cammo myself, but if you like changing weapon skins, you’ll have plenty of that in BF Hardline.

Shooting with the guns feels a bit awkward to be honest. It feels a bit different from previous BF games. That said, once you get used to it, you no longer feels that it’s awkward, you just get used to it.  I personally prefer the gun handling in Destiny and personally, I would prefer that the gun mechanics were somewhat close to those in Destiny. It feels more arcady in most part, but not a major downfall in my opinion.

You have four classes to choose from: Mechanics, Operator, Professional and Enforce, each one with its own unique weapons and perks. I personally enjoyed playing the Operator with the M16 and also the Mechanics with his CQB primary weapons. If you like blowing cars up, and it seems that many player do, go with the Enforce. If you want high firerate CQC weapons, go with the Mechanics.


Game Modes

There are plenty of game modes available in Battlefield Hardline, including  Heist, Conquest, Conquest Large, Rescure, Blood money, Team deadthmatch, Crosshair and Hotwire. Each one with its own unique gameplay and goals. I’m sure every one of you we’ll find modes that fits his game-style better, I personally enjoyed playing Deathmatch and  Blood money, but I rotate between different game modes to freshen up the gameplay and try different gameplay styles. It somewhat becomes boring when plying the same mode over and over.

Some modes like Rescure and Crosshair requires you to coordinate better with your teammates. I highly recommend playing those in a squad with your friends and in party where voice chat is active. Other modes are a total mass, but that how they were designed to be played.

You won’t find any tanks or jets in BF hardline.  It’s not the classic Battlefield game, and I think that they should save those for BF5. It would look pretty weird to see some F16 jets flying around you when playing hotwire or even playing conquest, the maps weren’t designed for that, they are just too small.  The maps are much smaller than BF3 and BF4, so don’t expect it to have the same map scale as previous Battlefield games.

Earning Money

You’ll be earning money from almost everything you’ll do in BF Hardline, whether driving cars, shooting and taking down enemies or playing as a hacker to support your team. I actually played lots of hours as a hacker to gain money fast. It was the only way for me to reach $10M as fast as possible and unlock the Dyno and Wolf mask. It also helps you level up very fast. I am currently level 146 and I only played the game a dew days. If you want to get rich fast, I highly recommend playing as a hacker from time to time.

Money is a different concept in Battlefield, but I found out that I actually like it. It feels that no matter what you do, you have the option to gain something in-game. You’ll be unlocking new items for your weapons, getting medals and leveling up in almost every few rounds. It really feels good, I always enjoy watching my character leveling up and finishing achievements as I play the game.

For me the best way to earn more money and leveling up was in Hotwire and as a hacker (and don’t forget to apply those boosts, it will help you to level up faster).


Battlefield Hardline is a different shooter. It fills quite different from the original title, and that not a bad thing.  On the negative side: I was expecting better graphics, the gun handling needs to get used to, there aren’t many maps (more will be added in the DLC), the gun’s selection is small and driving gets boring pretty fast (if you don’t engage the enemy a lot and just driving in circles).

When you play BF Hardline, you just forget about all its downsides, because the game is so fun to play, especially with friends. I’ll probably be playing a lot of it until BF5 is released. It’s a good shooter that will buy you some enjoyable time until a new shooter comes out. It’s highly recommended for BF fans that want to play something different from the classic BF game.

I don’t know whether it’s worth the full retail price or not, I bought it because I am a big fan of the series, I really wanted to play a new shooter on my new PS4 and there isn’t any big 3rd person Multiplayer shooter title coming anytime soon. If there was another competing title, I’m not sure that I would have bought this game and probably give another different title a chance. So all in all, it’s a very good shooter that you’ll enjoy playing with friends. My eyes are already towards future games, but I’ll be playing this one for the next few months or so — Happy gaming.