Scorpion, a classic and favorite Mortal Kombat fighter

I’m probably not the only one who thought about debating whether to buy Mortal Kombat X for my console or for my PC. As for now, I think I’ll buy it for my PS4 and I have a few reasons why I decided to do so.

  • Better hardware (in my case because I play on a laptop computer)
  • Bigger community and a chance to find a matchup
  • Can still use PSN voice chat (although it probably won’t matter in-game, but still)
  • Easy to record and share videos and screenshots (can be done in PC, but this feature is built-in the PS4 and its so much easy to do)

I can understand why some of you would prefer to buy it for the PC. I assume that Mortal Kombat X would look better on the PC than the PS4 with maxed out graphic settings, if you don’t need to share it with your little brother who likes to play on the console, you can play it even in a higher resolution than full HD and the best smooth gameplay experience.

MKX would probably look amazing on all platforms, both on PC and consoles. Even if it look better on PC, it won’t be by much. Most of the cross-platform games are designed to look somewhat the same on all the next-gen platforms, not to deprive anyone. So it should look very similar on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and slightly better on PC.

If I had a strong PC, I still would probably getting it on the PS4 because the game doesn’t feature cross-platform matching. If this would be indeed the case, and from what I’ve read it is, there’ll probably be much more PS players to play against than on the PC. It might not be a big deal when the game launches, but it might be an issue down the road, where more people stop playing the game.  I am not 100% sure that this would be the case, but I am not the first person to mentioned it. I watch several videos on YouTube of people talking about this issue and how they prefer playing it on console than on PC.

Between Xbox One and PS4, I assume that it entirely depends which console you’ve got. If you have both consoles, it’s a matter of personal preference. With what I’ve said above in mind, there’ll still be more players playing it on the PlayStation than on Xbox, at least if it follows the same trends as the previous game.

Which platform you intend to buy (or already pre-ordered) Mortal Kombat X on?