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Fortnite Microtransactions and RNG loot system – Good or Bad?

I just came after watching Fortnite review video by ‘Worth A Buy’. The reviewer slashed the game by really going against its F2P and RNG practices, as well as the repetitive and grindy gameplay. There is something I have to say about it, but before that, maybe it’s a good thing to just see the view yourself. Read more

Destiny 2 – Should I buy it or not?

Let me start buy saying that I am a big fan of Destiny. I played this game over hundreds of hours. Destiny was also one of the best online social experience I had for a long time. I met so many new friends. I never felt such a joy playing the game with friends. I stopped playing a few months ago. I bought all the DLCs and enjoy every one of them. Read more

Paragon, what an amazing game!

A few weeks ago I started playing Paragon. Paragon is a MOBA game for the PC and PS4. In the past, I played a few MOBA games, including Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. I played those games only for a few days and I just didn’t like playing these type of games. I don’t know what the exact reasons, maybe the progression system, the top-down view—I just got bored pretty fast. That being said, I really love to watch DOTA 2 tournaments, and I am a Na’Vi fan. Read more

Overwatch Capture the Flag mode requires different strategy and character pickup

The new Capture the Flag game mode in Overwatch really comes in a great time for me. I really wanted a game mode that will refresh things up for me.  In this mode, each team needs to capture the flag of the enemy’s team and bring the flag back to their base. Only one person can carry a flag. To capture a flag, you need to go to where the enemy’s flag is located, not far from the base, stand next to it for a few second, then quickly make your way back to where your team’s flag is located. Read more

Overwatch Year of The Rooster legendary skins and Capture the Flag game mode

Year of the Rooster Overwatch Skins

The new Year of the Rooster update is out and oh boy it looks amazing. With the new update, Blizzard also added a new Capture The Flag mode. I’ve played a few hours over the night and I just love this mode. This mode is currently available in the Arcade mode. Read more

Ubisoft really needs to allow everybody play For Honor in Open Beta

I’ve spent many hours just watching some gameplay of the upcoming multiplayer game, For Honor. I really want to get this game because I love multiplayer games and it looks really unique. My main problem is that I don’t know really what to expect from this game. I really need to try it myself in order to get the feel of the game. Read more

For Honor or Nioh – which one should I buy?

For Honor vs Nioh

Today I set down and starting thinking to myself, which game should I buy, Nioh (February 9, 2017) or For Honor (February 14, 2017). I will probably buy only one of them because they are vety closed in terms of their release date. Making a decision between the two isn’t easy, because they are both really cool fighting games. Read more

No footprints in the mud and slightly floaty movement animation – For Honor

There are two things that I’ve notice missing in For Honor that I would like to be updates. It’s tiny things but I think that there is not reason why they won’t be in this game. The first thing that I”ve notices is that if you look carefully at the feet of the players, they sometimes float on the ground. So instead of the animation being translated to a foot step movement, they feet just float. It’s very hard to see that, but if you look carefully it happens quite a lot. These are small movements, but it makes the character movement a bit less authentic in my opinion. Read more

For Honor is an amazing fighting game – Ubisoft accepting signups for the closed beta

I’m so excited about the game For Honor. I can’t recall playing a game like that before, at least not one with a competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Anything about this game just looks amazing. I love the beautiful visuals and fire effects, it feels so atmospheric. The character design is out of this world, and the animations are so cool.  Read more

Battlefield 1 and #RIPCOD Reactions?


I don’t think that DICE has expected to get such a warm welcome after the Battlefield 1 reveal. We can clearly see that the FPS community, especially Battlefield loyal fans, have been showing their satisfaction by putting their upvote in the Battlefield 1 trailer on YouTube. Read more

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