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Is Reforging an Iron Banner 300 Attack Weapon Change it to 331?

My friend wanted to change its Iron Banner 300 attack weapon to a 331 by reforging it. Unfortunately, reforging a 300 attack weapon doesn’t make it a 331 attack weapon, just so you know. He tried reforging Timur’s Lash hand cannon that he got with 300 maximum 300 attack. After reforging he got different perks but the same 300 attack.
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My Iron Banner Weapons – From Lord Saladin’s Store and as Drop

I had a lot of fun playing Iron Banner in Destiny this week. This is, if I am not mistaken, the 6th Iron Banner even. Yesterday I reached Level 5 at the Iron Banner standing. I was able to buy all the available items from Lord Saladin. Lord Saladin sold class specific items depends on with which character you have been competing with, this includes chest and gauntlets, as well as cloak, bond or mark. Read more

Iron Banner Gameplay Videos as Level 32 Hunter with Pocket Infinity

This week I played Iron Banner for the first time. Iron Banner is the same as playing Crucible in terms of gameplay, but with Level advantage enabled and with unique awards waiting for you at Lord Saladin in the tower. The Iron Banner bounties are not hard to complete and give you 100 reputation and 5000 experience points, which is nice to progress and level up your Iron Banner standing and level up your gear at the same time. Read more

World’s Fastest Crota Kill?

I remember the first time I beat Crota in Crota’s End raid. It took my group around twenty times until we were able to beat it. It was hard and we needed to get experience as a group in order to finally get the enjoyment of finishing him. Yesterday I played with another group. We were able to finish Crota very quickly and I wanted to share this video with you. Read more

Cool Armor / Emblems for Mote of Light from The Speaker

The Speaker armor and emblems

The Speaker Voice of the Traveler at the tower sells some nice stock that refreshes every two days. He sells both cosmetic armor like hunter cloaks, Titan marks, warlock bonds and emblems. Read more

Destiny Bounties and even More Bounties

Bounty tracker Destiny

Doing bounties in Destiny is essential in order to quickly upgrade your armor, weapons and progress your character. You can also do lots of Crucible matches, but it’s quicker doing bounties, which can give you much more XP compared to a ~10-minute Crucible match. Read more

Why No Experience Points Playing Raids in Destiny?

No experience from Raids in Destiny

When you play a Raid you gain no experience points from it, which is unlike any other part of the game that you do get it (e.g. strikes, bounties, crucible, etc.). I love playing Destiny, but I have the most fun doing raids with my friends. Sometimes I can spend hours there helping others to finish it. Read more

Defeating Atheon Fast on Hard Mode – Destiny

Atheon Time's Conflux

Using Weapon’s of Light to take down Atheon as fast as possible

Taking down Atheon in The Vault Of Glass Raid (Hard) can sometimes take time if mistakes are made. On the other hand, a skilled group can do it even in a single run with lots of heavy ammo use and finish it under three minutes. Some groups do it with even less than six players. Read more

Buy Heavy Ammo Synthesis for 1 Strange Coin from Xûr

As of this weekend, Xûr is selling 5 Heavy ammo synthesis for one strange coin. If you have enough strange coins and you can spare some, it’s better spend them on Heavy synthesis from Xûr than buying them from the Gunsmith for 950 glimmer for each package. Read more

Is Destiny a Boring Game?

I’ve played Destiny a lot in the last month, and I mean A LOT. In my opinion Destiny is among the best games that I’ve played in years, at least when it come to shooters. Playing Destiny in PVP and PVE are completely two different things. In PVP you can repeat the game all over again a thousand times and enjoy each minute of it. Whether in PVE, repeating the same mission at the same areas all over again each day of the week start to get boring. Read more

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