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Playing Crucible with my Plan C in Destiny and Getting used to the controller

I have to admit that I was very frustrated when I first played the Crucible in Destiny. Crucible is the PVP aspect of the game, when you play versus other real players, whether a group vs group or you versus all the other players. The first games where devastating. Like I was dying teen times every match and got 5 kills at most.  Yeh, I blamed the controller, and because it’s the first time I was playing with a controller, I had to get used to it. Read more

Second Week Playing Destiny, Hunter Level 28

This week I continued my journey in Destiny. I’ve found out that there are still many things that are waiting to be revealed. This week I improved my shooting skill in the Crucible after a devastating start, but I expected that. When I returned the finished Crucible bounties I’ve got an exotic weapon bounty for the first time. This bounty is constructed of three different missions that you need to finish. One of them was to do 25 strikes (doesn’t matter which one), and I am currently at fifteen. It’s not hard, but takes time. Read more

Destiny from a Battlefield Player’s Perspective

I am a big Battlefield fan and spent over thousand hours playing Battlefield 3. When I bought my PS4, I’ve obviously searched for a shooter to play, preferably a third-person shooter. I could get Battlefield 4 for PS4, but I wanted to try something difference for a change to honor my new console. Read more

Should Game Reviews Be Trusted?

Should you base your buying decision on game reviews? I’ve stumbled this question quite a bit. I am also among those who probably won’t buy a game that has gotten a low score on many game review’s websites. I would certainly consider at least consider a game that has gotten a high score on many reviews.  Read more

The Crew as a Multiplayer Cooperative Social Game

I am very interested in playing ‘The Crew‘ on PS4, but it’s really depends on the co-op/multiplayer features. The fact that The Crew is a multiplayer game, grabbed my attention in the first place. I’ve read a few articles regarding how the multiplayer works, and from what I’ve understood it’s a cooperative gameplay. This means that you need to buddy with a few players online to create your crew and race together. This is my first impressions of the social aspect of the game based on some gameplay footage. Read more

Should you buy a game on day-one without waiting for reviews?

In the last couple of days I am frequently logging to vgchartz to stay up to date with game sales for the leading consoles. This gives me a good overview of what people are playing most and how successful is each title on a specific platform. Today I’ve also read that GTA 5 is the best selling video game ever in the UK. Read more

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