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Preloading Pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X on PS4

I’m, like many others, searching for a definitive answer that will tell me whether I can preload Mortal Kombat X (MX) on my PS4 console. Most of the recent user comments I’ve read suggest that it should be on April 12th 5 AM EST.  Read more

When can we Preload Mortal Kombat X in UK / US for PS4?

I checked playstation.com Europe region to see whether there is a hint when Mortal Kombat X (MKX) gets pre-loading. In one post on their community forums, a guy said that it will be available at midnight today (UK) time, but again, nothing official.

It leads me to think that Mortal Kombat X doesn’t support pre-loading Read more

Preload Mortal Kombat X on PS4 – When?

Mortal Kombat X weights 38GB on PS4, and there is also the day-one update that weights 1.8GB. I wondered when I’ll be able to preload Mortal Kombat X (MKX) on my PS4, so I won’t have to miss the release date (it takes a lot of time to download 40GB+). Read more

My Battlefield Hardline Review (PS4)

I am playing Battlefield Hardline for ten days straight now. I’ve read many negative and positive opinions about this game, and I want to share my experience about the game with you guys.

First things first, I am a huge Battlefield franchise fan. I’ve been playing Battlefield since the first Battlefield game. I was really looking forward to play Battlefield Hardline and I got to play the beta on my PS4. The first day I played it I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it that much, something was lacking, whether the graphics, the mechanics, the gun handling – it all felt much different from other games in the series. The other day I wanted to give it another chance and ask friends to join in. That day I experienced Battlefield in a whole new way and I had so much fun playing it. I highly recommended anyone of my friends to install the beta and give it a chance. Read more

Easiest PlayStation Trophies with a new Trophy LFG Web App

I love achieving trophies on my PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Sometimes I found it hard to find a group that will help me finish trophies and especially getting those prestigious Platinum trophies.

Now with ‘Trophy LFG’ this becomes much easier. It’s the easiest way to find PlayStation players from around the world to do trophies with. Whether you are after a bronze, silver or gold trophies, with Trophy LFG you can group up with others in no time.  Read more

Helldivers PlayStation Exclusive Cooperative third Person Arcade-style Shooter

In this post I want to talk about Helldivers, a new PlayStation-exclusive shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios. The game will be released on March 4 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Helldivers is a up to 4-player cooperative third-person shooter, although you can play it on your own as well. Read more

The Order 1886 – Buy it for its Gorgeous Graphics?

The Order: 1886 will probably be one of the best looking games for the PS4, and probably the one with the best graphics than any other games ever. Many of my friends have decided to buy because they want to experience the full graphics potential of their PS4 console. I have to admit that as a PS4 console owner, I can easily relate to date. At the same breath, you don’t need to have a gorgeous looking game in order to enjoy it, and Mincraft is a good example for that. I played Battlefield Hardline beta, and although I found the graphics to be lacking, I still enjoyed the game a lot. Read more

Battlefield Hardline Beta First Impressions

I downloaded Battlefield Hardline beta to my PS4 and spent the previous week playing it every day. In this article I want to share my first impressions after playing the beta. Read more

Learn About The Order: 1886 Before its Release Date

I already see pre-order advertisement for ‘The Order: 1886’ on gamespot which lead to playstation.com, affiliated with GameStop. Once clicked you have the option to pre-order the game with Knight’s Endurance pack, which includes the Knights Arsenal DLC, the “Desert Khaki” uniform and two upgrades: “Endless Blackwater” and “Blacksight Regeneration”. Read more

CE-33987-0 PSN Login Error Emerged

A half hour ago my PSN connection went down while playing Destiny. I ran an Internet check and got a CE-33987-0 error saying “Cannot connect to PSN within the time limit.“. I first thought that it’s an issue with my Internet connection, so I restarted the router and the PS4, but that didn’t solve the problem. Read more

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