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Destiny PS4 Review

The second game that I’ve decided to buy for my brand new PlayStation 4 is Destiny. I knew that I want to play a third-person shooter, but I was debating whether to pick up Battlefield 4 or COD Advanced Warfare instead. I’ve decided to get Destiny because I liked what I’ve seen in gameplay videos, and I also liked the MMORPG elements in it. Read more

Destiny is The Best Shooter I’ve Played in Years

Yesterday I bought Destiny for my PS4. I really want to play a third-person shooter game, because I really enjoyed playing it on my PC (Battlefield 3). I was kind of skeptic whether I will fully enjoy playing it with a controller compared to a mouse/keyboard, but nothing prepared me to what I am about to experience next. Read more

Is 2015 Going to be The Year for PlayStation 4?

Today I went to the computer store and bought Destiny for my PS4 console. I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed with the selection of games. Of course I’ve already knew what’s AAA titles are available. That said, being at the store and searching for a game, made me understand that the PS4 still lacks some good AAA game. An AAA game isn’t being released every week, and for a PS4 console owner, waiting game be very tedious. Read more

Love Shooters and MMORPG, So I’ve Bought Destiny

Today I went to the game store to buy a second game for my PlayStation 4 (the first was GTA V). I really wanted to but a shooter for two reasons. First, I love playing shooters, and second, I wanted a game that I can get used to the controller; can’t get with Pinball. Read more

We Need a Racing Game like Forza Horizon 2 for PS4

Forza Horizon 2, Yellow Lamborghini Aventador

Today I’ve spent some time looking into the available racing games for both Xbox One and PS4. I did this because I wanted to know why there was such high expectation from The Crew. It didn’t took me too long to see that PlayStation 4 is missing a good racing game, and especially a realistic simulation racing game, not an arcade one. Read more

Looking into PS4 Free To Play Games

free to play games on PlayStation store

Having just one game for my PS4 (GTA V, comes with the bundle), I found myself with a problem that I guess quite a few gamers have – not a lot of games to play. I can’t afford buying lots of those new titles because it’s expensive. In this situation, I find myself trying to focus on one title that I’ll play most of the time.  Read more

Final Fantasy XV Looks Amazing and Refreshing – PS4 Must Have?

I haven’t played lots of games on the PC last year, but the few I’ve played I really enjoyed and spent hundreds of hours playing. One of those games was Final Fantasy XIV a Real Reborn. This was the first Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played. In my opinion, this is the best multiplayer online role-playing game on the market.  It drove me deep into it, and suddenly a day can fly by without notice. Read more

PlayStation Experience Event is Coming – I’ve High Expectations

As a PlayStation 4 owner, I obviously need to know what are the upcoming gaming events. Only today I’ve found out about PlayStation Experience event, which is held on December 6-7, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more

PlayStation 4 Desperately Needs More Arcade-Style Shooter and Fighting Games

Came back after playing a few hours of GTA V. I finally got better using the PS4 controller, so I am quite confident that I’ll get used to it pretty fast. That said, I found the game not to be for my taste. I thought giving it a try, but I really miss those online action multiplayer games, where you can jump straight to the action. This is of course a different kind of game, but I will play with it a bit more in the upcoming days. Read more

DualShock 4 PS4 Controller First Impressions

Yesterday I’ve finally got my PlayStation 4 console. One of the things the scared me the most, as a PC gamer, that I’ll find it very uncomfortable to use the DualShock 4 controller. I’ve read and seen various reviews about the PS4 wireless controller, but it can’t transfer the actual feel of the controller. Now that I have it and tested it, I can share my initial impressions with you. Read more

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