All I’ve seen as the moment is the Black Ops 3┬átrailer, but it did elevated my expectations from this shooter this time around. I played Black Ops II and enjoyed it, but went back to play Battlefield. This time I might switch – for the first time and play COD instead of Battlefield.

The few things that I really liked from the trailer are the really good graphics, the textures, the underwater combat, the advanced cool weaponry, the new Specialists system and the new four-player coop single player campaign. the fact that Treyarch worked three years on this project might suggest that we might see a more innovative shooter this time, something different.

As a Battlefield fan, I always found the character’s movement mechanics a bit lacking in Call of Duty, and therefore I preferred playing Battlefield. I actually like the CQC action in COD, but I wasn’t able to live with those poor mechanics. This of course doesn’t prevent millions of COD players to enjoy the game. If Treyarch have improved the mechanics in Call of Dtuy: Black Ops III, I will seriously consider switching from BF and play COD this year.

I think that Treyarch has a big opportunity to make a change and attract more BF fans to join the COD camp. We might even see bigger maps that are designed to take advantage of the new character special movements, which is also one of the things that I’m excited about in this new title.

I try my best to avoid getting to hyped after watching the trailer and what’s gonna come afterwards. I just want to know that the things that I’m looking in a new first-person shooter will be in that game. IF not, I’ll probably going to skip it and continue playing Battlefield Hardline. I wasn’t impressed with BF Hardline to be honest, and I quickly got bored playing it. BF Hardline and Destiny are the only FPS games I currently play on my PS4, and I really want something better. Destiny is more like and MMORPG type of game, so I won’t even try to compare the two.

When I played Battlefield Hardline I mostly enjoyed playing Deadthmatch, whether in Battlefield 3 I preferred playing Capture the flag. I think that this time I’ll prefer playing an FPS that is more COD-style with more maps focused on CQB. It will certainly be interesting to see how this game is going to turned out. I’ve read comments from players who actually tried the camera and overall most of them love the gameplay.

I’m looking forward to play Black Ops 3, and I just hope that it’ll live to my expectations.