Let me start buy saying that I am a big fan of Destiny. I played this game over hundreds of hours. Destiny was also one of the best online social experience I had for a long time. I met so many new friends. I never felt such a joy playing the game with friends. I stopped playing a few months ago. I bought all the DLCs and enjoy every one of them.

Now Destiny 2 is coming. I obviously got very excited when I heard about the new sequel. Since the first Destiny, many of the online friends that I had left to play other games and some even stopped playing. I thought to myself that it would be amazing if many of them come back to play Destiny 2 all over again, it can—it can be an amazing experience.

Of course all seems great, but I needed to see what Destiny 2 looks like to see whether or not I want to dive to that experience all over again. I tuned in to the announcement, watched the trailer and today I finished watching a video of the new Strike, a complete take on it.

I have to say that I’m quite disappointed from what I’ve seen so far. It just felt too similar. Of course I understand that the core gameplay will remain more or less the same, but for me it just felt like I’ll be buying a new DLC. I was hoping for something new, something that will get me excited all over again. I thought about maybe we’ll have some first-person cockpit-view spaceship battles alongside the FPS aspect of the game. I wanted to see a different approach to level and character design. I don’t know, maybe Bloodborne-style characters, something more fantastical, something fresh.

I watched the full Destiny 2 strike gameplay video called “The Inverted Spire” that you see above. I immediately recognized the type of level design with the rocks like in Atheon’s raid. I wasn’t interested to see the same Cabal and Vex enemies all over again. I know they want to stick with the storyline, but I wanted to fight against other creatures. I’ve seen some new characters though, but they just look uninspiring. I wasn’t impressed with the UI changes, not because it isn’t a good change, but because this should have been made a long time ago. You remember the vault issues that people had? Was it so hard to just make weapons accessible to all characters without having a vault or an app to move items between characters? After all, you are only going to play with a single character at a time.

I’m pretty sure that Bungie addressed many of those issues, but I wanted more, much more. I’ve heard about Exploration and Dynamic events. Bungie didn’t put any emphasize on that, so I believe this is nothing major. If it was, Bungie would certainly talked about it more.

I’ve also heard from a friend of mine that the game will run at 30fps on the PlayStation 4. He also told me that an interviewer asked the developers why the game is not running at 60  fps, and they told him that because there is a lot of information on the screen and for 8 players at the time it’s just too much. Just look about what DICE has done with their incredible engine for Battelfield 1. This game looks stunning, I repeat, stunning, and it runs at 60 fps with 64 players getting crazy on the map. I believe this is the limitation of the engine. to be honest, I didn’t see an huge improvement in the graphics, so I believe Destiny 2 runs on the same engine as Destiny 1.  There are not going to be any dedicated servers as well. Check out this part of the interview on YouTube.

Just seeing the faces of the developers when the IGN asked those questions about the FPS and Dedicated servers made me feel bad. Destiny 2 won’t run on 60fps even on the PS4 Pro because of balancing issues, but hey, you can play on 4K. I don’t care about “Destiny magic” that the dev is talking about and how hard is it for the hardware. Hearing that they don’t go for dedicated servers because they didn’t want to invest in it is really sad. I expect the same issues that the game For Honor had coming to Destiny 2 as well, and it was a terrible experience, just terrible. All the smiles and marketing crap won’t help here, people aren’t stupid you know, they know to recognize a pile of crap from a mile when it is thrown towards their face.

With all that said and done, should I at least give this game a change? After all, there isn’t any other good alternative out there. Any other game that brings such a fine-tuned FPS gameplay experience and beautifully wraps it with a superb social experience. No game has done that so good. The thing is that there is only one game like that and this is Destiny 2. There will be tons of players playing this game, I could meet new friends and enjoy a great cooperative and competitive FPS gameplay experience like no other. It will still have all the great things that I love (and some that I hate) about the original title. I think that if there is a game that can compete against Destiny is Borderlands 3, but I think that after the disaster of Battleborn vs Overwatch thing, Gearbox will think twice if it wants to take on Bungie in their own yard. I think that it will be a good risk to take. They just need to add a few game modes and combine all that into a single game ecosystem so your character continued to progress through all those experiences, like Bungie did with Destiny. Maybe there is other games in development that will compete against Bungie with the same game formula, but I didn’t hear about any game like that, maybe we’ll do hear about one in E3.

So, a long talk, and as for now, I don’t see myself buying Destiny 2 as for the moment. If many of my friends do, I will probably will just because I really enjoy playing with them. It’s like buying a ticket to a party in a social network. You just want to see all your friends, meet new ones and have fun. Do I think it’s worth the $59.99 ticket price. I think that once we get closer to the release date, I will probably change my mind pretty quickly in favor of buying. Let’s hope that Destiny gets some competition so we can have an option to choose. I always prefer diving into a a new world with new characters, a new story and where everything is fresh and new. This won’t happen in Destiny 2, but will be in a new game.

What do you think about Destiny 2, those of you who already played the first one and love it and those of you whom this is your first Destiny game you’ll be playing.