I’ve played Destiny a lot in the last month, and I mean A LOT. In my opinion Destiny is among the best games that I’ve played in years, at least when it come to shooters. Playing Destiny in PVP and PVE are completely two different things. In PVP you can repeat the game all over again a thousand times and enjoy each minute of it. Whether in PVE, repeating the same mission at the same areas all over again each day of the week start to get boring.

I am saying that as a person who is playing Destiny a lot of hours each day. For the casual player, Destiny offers a lot of things to do and places to explore. Enough for keeping a casual gamer that play about six hours a week to enjoy every minute of it.

Many game reviewers have negatively criticized the overly repeating missions that a player has to do in order to gain experience. The world isn’t big as players were hoped for, and for the hardcore gamer it seems that Destiny’s World isn’t big enough to promote the fun of exploration.

Raids are one part of the game that should keep players busy for quite a long time. Especially true when doing the raids on hard mode.Some players were chessing the raid and instead of trying to finish it in two weeks, they finished it in 20 minutes. Bragging about the new weapons and new armor is nice, but there is nothing else that interesting to do after that. Bungie btought Eris Morn NPC in the DLC that added new missions and cosmetic gear. People strove to get to Level 4 in order to be able to be able to buy new Radiant shards to quickly progress their characters to level 32 — at least those who didn’t have got shards from the raid itself.

Even Eris missions should be done at the same place, as no other area was added to the game. Many people are now waiting for Crota’s End hard mode and the new DLC that should be released later on this year. Hopefully the new Crota’s End hard mode raid will be cheese-free and not encourage people to finish it that quickly. For more details about the bug fixes and additions in the new update, read this Bungie weekly update post.

So when the game is played like it’s meant to be played, the game has a lot to offer and it’s not boring at all, especially when playing with friends. If you are going to play 7 hours each day of the week you obviously find yourself much ahead of the other players and have less things to do — that’s true to most games, not just Destiny.  I’m anxious to try out the raid in hard mode, see you in the game!