I am a big Battlefield fan and spent over thousand hours playing Battlefield 3. When I bought my PS4, I’ve obviously searched for a shooter to play, preferably a third-person shooter. I could get Battlefield 4 for PS4, but I wanted to try something difference for a change to honor my new console.

Player’s Movement & Mechanics

Destiny came as an excellent option because I am a big fan of both RPG and Shooter genres. The most important aspect in any shooter, in my opinion, is the gamplay mechanics, regarding player’s movement and weapon’s control. I really enjoyed Battlefield 3 because of the player’s physics/movement. It felt like you are part of the character and it moves as you want it to move.

After playing just a few minutes in Destiny I felt the same in PVE mode, but in PVP it seems more jumpy. The other player’s movement seems like a low fps gameplay with pretty sharp movements. I don’t know if something related to the amount of data transferred in the network and synchronization that forced the developers to make it that way. I think that they borrowed this from COD. Bungie is the creator and publisher of Call of Duty. In Battlefield 3 I played in 64 player matches without any of these issues. I mean it’s not a big issue, don’t understand me wrong, but I preferred that of Battlefield 3. I think that you can compare Destiny in PVP to Call of Duty. Even Battlefield 4 had these kind of movement, but it was changed in a patch to be identical to BF3. Seems to me that they try to figure out what makes COD so popular, so they try to mimic the same movement as in COD with the fast player’s movement, but the BF community didn’t like it.

If you like COD soldier’s movement, you’ll like it in Destiny Crucible because it’s the same, but if you love Battlefield’s, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed.

Weapons and Upgrades

One of the most enjoyable things in shooters is unlocking and upgrading weapons. In Battlefield you have quite a nice range of great looking weapons, and each class (Recon, Assault, Sniper or Support) have their class-related weapons and some weapons can be used by all classes. You have the option to unlock eye-sights and perks for your weapons as well as apply a skin to make your weapon stand out from the rest.

Destiny character screen and weapon attributes

Destiny character screen and the weapon’s attributes

In Destiny there are also a fairly good range of weapons, including pulse rifles, assault rifles, Hand Canon guns, Sniper rifles, machine guns, etc. Each class can use any of those weapons, it’s not class related. Furthermore, each weapon has various properties, including Rate of Fire, Impact, Range, Stability and Reload, as well as the number of magazines that you can hold. Each weapon can have various bonuses and perks that can be unlocked while the player’s using the weapon or have it mounted.


Armor properties in Destiny for hunter character

Armor properties

Destiny doesn’t overwhelm you with the amount of upgrade options. You buy and get materials that help you buy the item you want, but it’s not something that takes away from the shooter part of the game — it’s still mainly a shooter game in most part. So there is a good balance between the amount of things that can be unlocked and upgrade, which gives the game more depth compared to other conventional third-person shooters.

Game Modes

Battlefield has various game mode, but the main focus is several players fighting each other in the battlefield, whether on foot or in vehicles. There is a story mode for single players and a multiplayer mode. Destiny also offer a PVP matches that are in some modes are familiar to other shooters, like capture the flag and deathmatch matches. In Destiny you can participate in PVP (Crucible ) to earn dedicated Crucible gear, marks and reputation that will help you by dedicated gear and upgrades.

Control competitive multiplayer (PVP)

Control competitive multiplayer mode chosen


The other mode is PVE, which is for single player missions or cooperative gameplay. There is a big world to explore, filled with missions, strikes and raid that will help you progress your character and unlock new gear. Some mission are very hard and can only be thought and win when playing with friends online.

Destiny Crucible Control

Destiny Crucible Control play mode (e.g. Capture the flag) — it’s me third on the right 🙂

So overall Destiny offers a wide variety of gameplay modes and large world environment, although it less focus on tactics. I only find it in raids that the game mechanics forces you to understand the specific boss mechanics in order to win a match. I find a shooter in large environments to be really enjoyable. That said, the enemy spawn at specific points and it’s more mission oriented. I wouldn’t just walk across the world, you find yourself always focus on mission and player progression (the view is incredible though).


If you have PlayStation 4 and want to try a different shooter for a change and love playing Battlefield 3/4, I’m sure you love playing Destiny as well. I highly recommend giving this game a chance. I’m like you, a big BF fan, and I didn’t know if I enjoy it or not, but I have to say that I’m addicted, and spending most of my time playing Destiny than Battlefield.

This is just a few of the differences, but it gives you a good idea what you can expect from Destiny as a Battlefield fan. Enjoy playing Destiny!