I can’t remember a game that I played more than I played Destiny, maybe Battlefield 3. When I bought Destiny, it was at the same week I bought my PS4 console. I played GTA V, but I didn’t like it and searched for another game. I am a 3rd person shooter fan, so Destiny was among those games that I thought I’ll enjoy playing, and oh boy I had so much fun playing it.

For a two weeks now I felt that I start getting bored playing it. I had enough doing the same bounties all over again, same strikes and same raids. Maybe I just ‘burned’ this game too quickly, but I just felt that Destiny was carefully designed to make players stay as long as possible in the game. That’s okay if there was lots of unique content, but in Destiny, once you reach the end game and level 32, you might find that there isn’t anything interesting to do.

Hunter Level 31 with Iron Banner cloak

Hunter with Iron Banner cloak

The DLC came at the right time and kept me entertained for a days more. Unlocking new weapons and armor is always fun and showing off your new gear to your friends is part of the fun as well. The thing that kept me playing Destiny was actually the social interaction with other people online. I met new friends and I enjoyed playing with them, whether doing strikes together, helping each other advanced our characters and doing raids together.

When Crota’s End hard mode came out, I finished it on the second day with my two characters, but I just felt that it isn’t enough to keep me entertained for that long. At least until the new expansion pack comes out (in about six months for now). There are lots of things that really frustrate me in the game, this include farming glimmer, the high price of heavy ammo synthesis (500 glimmer, which is a lot considering the amount of time you need to gather this amount of glimmer), the bounties are repetitive, getting weapons is completely random, exotic weapon bounties are tedious (e.g. doing 25 strikes) — and doing it all in the same areas, with the same enemies that spawn at the same place all over again.

Playing Battlefield 3, I remember just enjoying getting into a 64 metro match and having a blast knifing guys from behind and kicking the ass of each other. I am a one-game person, so I usually play one game for many hours and then move on to another game. I think that I’ve reached the point that I actually in search for a game that will replace Destiny. I am addicted to this game, and I have no doubt that this game was carefully planned to make you want to continuously be waiting to getting rarely dropped gear and force you to unlock more characters in order to make it easier to get more drops and level up faster.

I have another character that I need to do Crota’s End hard mode with, but I have no motivation to do so. There isn’t any option to progress your character any further, no new armor and just a few weapons that aren’t that exciting either. The expansion pack will definitely bring a new fresh air to the game and might keep me playing more.

Right now Crucible is the only game mode that keeps me want to get into the game, and playing Crucible with my friends is pure fun. I also enjoyed playing Iron Banner because of the unique gear armor and weapons, so I’ve decided to put some time progressing my level in that mode as well.  I think that Bungie should have invested more in the Crucible (PVP) aspect of the game and give us the option to obtain unique PVP gear after completing a match.

So in many ways, I just felt that the game was playing with me, and it’s like going to work, instead of getting items for players that invest a lot of time in the game. Oh well, this is how Destiny was designed and all in all I really enjoyed playing it. But maybe it’s time to put the controller down for a few days, take a look what other games are available now at PSN store and start exploring other digital worlds, not just Destiny’s.

The best things that happened to me in Destiny is that I’ve met new friends, and I think that alone was worth playing the game. I’m sure I’ll be playing with them other games that come out in the near future, so I am absolutely not regretting spending so many hours in this game, it was well worth it!

I am currently waiting for new title releases, and I am playing to buy Evolve, which hopefully will be a new shooter experience.  I am playing Destiny much less now and eager to start playing new titles in the upcoming months. This year is going to be a good year for consoles, and PS4 among those of course.