I love getting new weapons and armor in Destiny. I enjoy maxing every weapon out to take advantage of their fullest damage potential. It happens a lot that I ask people for their opinion about new weapons.

If you are looking to read use opinions and share your opinion about a specific weapon or armor gear in Destiny, I  recommend visiting weaponsarmor.com website.

Weapons & Armor is a website dedicated for Destiny weapons and armor player’s reviews and ratings. You can choose a weapon and rate it for PVE and PVP encounters.

Destiny Weapons listFurthermore, you have the option to view video reviews and read players opinion about each weapon or armor, and share your opinion about your favorite or least favorite weapon.

The website is brand new, but it’s an excellent platform for sharing your opinions about your weapons and armor gear in Destiny. Tell other people what you like or dislike and hear what other Destiny players have to say about it.

Currently most all of the legendary and exotic weapons are available in the list, and only exotic and a few legendary armor gear is available for rating. The site is continuously being updated with new gear on a daily basis.

Visit Destiny Weapons and Armor website and start voting for your favorite gear!