I bought the PS4 a few months ago. There were several reasons why I’ve decided to by a console instead of buying a new PC. I really liked the fact that I can  invest in a single dedicated gaming machine and won’t have to worry about upgrading the hardware. The price was just right and I knew that I won’t experience any low frame rates and any game’s out for this console will be optimized for it and run smoothly. I do care about graphic quality, but it isn’t my main concern.

I buy several games since I bought the PS4, among those games are Destiny, GTA V, Battlefield Hardline and Mortal Kombat X. Although I did enjoy Destiny and Mortal Kombat X a lot, I felt that I the game selection is pretty small. On PC the game selection is much larger, and you don’t have to wait moth or more in order to play good games. I got bored playing Battlefield Hardline after two weeks, I stopped playing Destiny once I got everything in the game and reached to level 32 with all three characters and Mortal Kombat X is nice,  but that’s about it.

One of the thing that I really liked about the PS4 is the ability to voice chat in parties. This is probably one of the best thing in the PS4 experience, something that I didn’t use on the PC. I met many online friends and overall I was pleased with the online social interaction that the PS4 gave me.

The thing is that when you buy a console, you pay a monthly fee for PlayStation Plus. I thought that I’ll get some good free games in return, but I’ve found out that most of them are either very boring and/or very easy to finish. So as for now, I’m left with almost nothing exciting to play, except Mortal Kombat X which I play a few hours each week.

As of today, I rarely play it. I find myself spending more time reading about upcoming PS4 games than actually playing games. Most of the good AAA titles will be out at the end of the year. We do have The Witcher 3 and Project Cars coming on May, but I’m not interested in any one of those games.

I prefer playing an online multiplayer games, and I think that the PC has much better MP games available. There isn’t any popular MOBA game, not a cool card game like Heartstone, no good strategy game like Civilization V and it lacks many excellent indie games which were released only to PC.

After some time, I’ve decided that maybe it’s time to look backwards and find older games to play. Their prices are now cheaper and it’s a good opportunity to play some older games than just waiting for new games to be released. That said, I am not that enthusiastic about playing a game that was released a year ago, and I do want to feel the excitement of playing a brand new game. Even if I have a lot of patience, I still fear that many of the upcoming games will disappoint like many other AAA titles released in 2014.

Sometimes I feel like a Junkie, jumping on any big PS4 AAA title, and most of the time I feel bad spending lots of money on games that I get bored playing after a short period of time. I think that many PS4 players feel the same. I try to be active in the gaming community and share my opinions and thoughts and also hear what other people think.  Some people really like playing games like bloodborne, The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, etc – while others just waiting for future games to be released.

I always prefer a game that I can play with friends, whether a cooperative game or competitive multiplayer game. This is one reason I enjoyed playing Destiny so much. I met friends which I play with every week. The thing is that after Destiny, every one of my friends bought a different game.  This is why I want to have a game that all my my friends will buy and play together. From what I can see, it must be a shooter game where most of my friends are playing. So my buying decision is based on both the games I enjoy playing and what my friends are playing.

The PS4 doesn’t offer many of those type of games. On the PC you have many MMORPG games (I played Final Fantasy XIV Real Reborn and enjoyed it a lot!) and MOBA games that encourage group gameplay. I think that this is one reason why I am disappointed with the PS4. Right now I am mostly looking forward to play Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but those aren’t coming anytime soon, but  later this year.

As a gamer, I always want to have some games to play. Lately I went back playing games on my Windows Laptop computer. My laptop doesn’t have a strong hardware to even run Battlefield 3 on a good framerate. I was playing Battlefield 3 on the lowest settings and still got like 20 fps. So I start playing Heartstone and Heroes of the Storm and some other games that doesn’t require a powerful graphics card. The PS4 sits on the shelf waiting for new games to arrive.

This wasn’t what I expected when I bought the PS4. I think that it just takes a few years until you start see some good games. I still would have preferred to have games that I like to play on the PS4 than the PC because all of my friends play the PS4, but even so, I won’t force myself to play games that I don’t enjoy playing. So as for now, I am very disappointed with the PS4 console, but I cross my fingers that at the end of the year we all be surrounded with many fun games to play. I have a feeling that 2016 won’t be like 2014/2015 and we’ll see some great new games that will keep up playing for a long time without any large gaps between game releases. I don’t mind having to wait for games, as long as there are some big games that can keep me playing for a long time. Replayability is very important for me, and most of the PS4 games that I play are either boring or don’t offer high replayability.

Are you in the same boat like me, or are you satisfied with your PS4 purchase? –please  share your opinions in the comment section below.