Evolve game screenshot

Is Evolve a boring game? – this question is asked a lot by many people who haven’t bought the game, but still are skeptical whether they are going to enjoy it. The reasons for that is quite understandable as Evolve doesn’t offer any in-depth single player campaign, you can only play with a tights four player group and considering its a shooter, it seems to fall short compared to some other AAA shooter titles out there and those which are planned to be released soon.

Some players might prefer waiting a bit longer and buy another shooter, like Battlefield Hardline, instead of investing in a game that they will quickly leave behind in favor of another shooter. Not everyone is planning to buy two games in a course of two months or so.

Here are my reasons why Evolve isn’t a boring game and why it brings something else to the gaming world in general and more specifically for the shooter’s fans out there.

Small Group, Every Role Counts

In my opinions Evolve is a different game from the typical shooter. The fact that you play with a tight group and each one can take a different part by choosing either assaults, trappers, medics or supports, makes every player within the squad important.

It’s important for every player to do his best in order for the team to survive and finally beat the monster. This means that you less rely on other teammates to pull you through and put more effort in perfecting your in-game skills. Making a mistake can cause the whole team to lose. This reminds me what it was like playing a role like a Tank in Final Destiny XIV Realm Reborn, and overall the match kind of resembles an MMORPG raid that a casual shooter deathmatch.

The Boss is Not an AI, but a Real Human Player

Evolve gameplay for me is like taking on a boss in a raid, but this time instead of playing against an AI, you play against a human player.

This makes every game different, because each player who plays the monster is going to play it differently. It might be easy in one match but much other in the other match. In fact, you don’t know what to expect because you don’t know what skills they monster player brings, so it’s really interesting to enter a match and see how to be able to win against a really tough and experience player who is playing the monster.

Playing as a Monster is like Playing a Different Game

The fact that you can play either a hunter or a monster changes the game completely. Playing the monster is like playing another game. There are different tactics that should be used, you have different abilities to take advantage of and you can play different monsters, each one with its own unique skills and upgrades.

This multiplies the optional strategies that the monster player can use in Evolve, and it makes it harder to know in advance how to counteract the monster’s tactics. This makes every game different and more exciting in every engagement.

Whether you play Kraken, Behemoth, Wraith or Goliath, you’ll find each one offering different way to play the game and you are going to create your own tactics and build your skills in order to win the match. You are on your own, and cannot rely on other teammates to help you out.

Evolve is Different, in a Good Way

Those three reasons alone are, in my opinion, enough to make Evolve a really entertaining game. It brings something else to the shooter world, and as a player you’ll quickly feel the excitement in the battlefield. You feel important because every move count and you know that the other teammates rely on your skill to win, an if you play the monster, you need to calculate every movement in order not to fail.

This in my opinion makes it worth giving Evolve a shot. There are so many shooters that are pretty much a like, and you don’t really feel how it is to take a crucial part as part of a team. If you want to play a shooter where your presence and role within the team is really important, Evolve will give you this satisfaction guaranteed!