I am very excited about Evolve game since I first heard about its development. The game is about to be released soon and the price is set for $59.99 for the most basic package (as of 1.18.2015 via amazon.com).

I’ve read many opinions from gamers saying that the game is to expensive considering what it brings. Without an in-depth single player campaign, other than the option to play solo and bot filling in the empty space.

I think that for some players it would have been nice to have a single-player campaign, and for some people this will justify the Evolve pricing. That said, I think that Turtle Rock wanted to focus on the Multiplayer gameplay aspect and less on a single-player gameplay.

It certainly not a deal breaker, and I think it shouldn’t be for anyone who is looking for a different shooter to play. ¬†Investing in a single-player campaign means less time and budget to invest in the multiplayer aspect of the game.


This leads me to one argument that many people raised on the web: If the game doesn’t have a single-player story campaign, why only three monsters at launch and only four classes to choose from?

For a game that has been in development for three years and a game that costs $60, people have expected to have more content. There will be more monsters and hunters added in future DLCs, but gamers want to feel that they get full value for their money.

The Evolve DLC is also raising some eyebrows. The new Behemoth monster will cost $14.99, which is forth of the price of the retail game. That said, those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition (or via Xbox One pre-order) will get Behemoth for free. Furthermore, you have the option to buy four different hunters that will be added to the game, $7.49 for each character or $24.99 for a bundle that included all four.

Paying so much for a single character is certainly is certainly outrageous from the player’s perspective. ¬† Having said that, the game can’t offer anything else that look more invested and large because of its design. The only thing that Turtle Rock can add to this game is new characters, monster skins, different maps and modes.

If you buy the Evolve Season Pass you save around $5 compared to if you buy the four playable hunter characters separately, $7.49 each.

The Evolve PC Monster Race Edition is the most expensive package for PC only. It costs $99.99 and you get the Monster Expansion pack free, a fifth playable monster, two more hunter characters and four monster skins. Yep, digital upgrades aren’t cheap these days, and it certainly seems like those should have been in the first release of the game.

I am going to buy the cheapest one and see if I enjoy playing it. If I do, I probably wouldn’t mind buying another character if I think it adds extra to my experience in the game, it might be well worth it. The thing is that people might prefer spending that amount of money on another game instead of investing it in the DLC or other characters. Spending it on a new game will give you much better experience as you’ll be playing another game.

So in terms of value, I think that the DLC has much less value compared to what people are used to get with other games, and I think this is the source of all the rant across the web regarding Evolve pricing.

You don’t have to buy it though, and I personally won’t buy it until I get the value from what the basic game has to offer.

What is your opinion about the Evolve game and DLC pricing?