If you still didn’t made up your mind about whether to buy Evolve or not, I think that this Evolve Livestream video can help out.


This Evolve gameplay video shows the game from different perspective, both the hunters and the monster.  I personally was worrying about balancing issues, but after watching lots of gameplay videos, it seems that the Devs took time to make sure that the game is properly balanced.

You can see that in the first part the monster wins with a very persistent resistant against the hunters who want to prevent it from damaging the generators.

You can also see the character level progression that levels your character up as you gain more expensive in the Battlefield and reveal more perks.

If you play the Monster for example, you have perks that you get by default, which includes among others: 15% additional damage, 15% increased defense, armor regeneration, 30% climb speed, etc.  Other perks are earned by consuming elite wildlife, those are called Fauna Perks and are temporary/consumable and last five minutes. The Evacuation Perks are obtained when victorious in the Evacuation mode.

The Hunter also have their own perks, including also starting perks, Fauna perks and Evacuation perks.

In the Evolve gameplay video the dev discuss the reasons they picked a character and choosing different perks for the Battlefield.

You can find more information about the perks on this evolve.wikia.com page.

In terms of graphics, Evolve looks good on PC max settings, but I wasn’t that impressed with the graphics quality. The maps are mostly dark and there is less use of lighting that can bring up those textures to life. I understand that it has to be dark to produce the intense hunting experience and for the monster to be able to hide when needed.

The maps are relatively small but very detailed. They lush and jungle environment looks amazing and I love the high amount of details in the game, it adds to the overall gaming experience and pulls you in terms of the emotional gameplay.

The particle effects are excellent and the guns look great both in terms of design and graphic quality.


No doubt that maxing the game out on PC certainly makes everything pop and texture, shadows and lighting effects are much more convincing and everything looks more dramatic. That said, for a fast shooter gameplay it’s less of a concern in my opinion, and the low-settings graphics look very good as well. It also looks amazing on Xbox One and PS4, which obviously more resembles the PS4 max settings, although I didn’t do any in-depth comparison of the graphics.

In terms of character mechanics, it looks like the game is well polished and although I haven’t played the beta myself, the movement, jumping and weapon’s handling look spot on, although I didn’t try it in first person. I’ve read many opinions from users who played the beta that the mobile character movement mechanics and weapon handling works smoothly and resembles what you know from other leading AAA 3rd person shooters. By the way, did you know that shooting the monster while it runs away gives him stamina? – check out this topic on reddit.com

The character mechanics and weapon handling perfectly fits the game very fast gameplay. The use of elevation is also a very important part of the game, allowing both the hunters and the monster to plan strategies in order to gain an advantage in the Battlefield.

Overall I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen so far about Evolve and looking forward to get my hands on this game when it launches on February 10th 2015. If you are looking for a different cooperative/competitive  3rd person shooter for a change, with character progression, classes and unique gameplay mechanics, Evolve is the game for you!