Battlefield Hardline screenshot

Evolve is out and I’ve decided not to buy it. That said, I have a feeling that I am missing something good here. I’ve decided to wait for the price to get down, but let’s admit it, there is nothing like playing a fresh new game the moment it gets out.  I’ve heard from many players that play the beta that the game is certainly worth the $60 price tag. Although if you compare it to some other shooter titles, it seems like an intro rather than a full gaming experience. 

Of course it’s not that fare to compare it to titles like Battlefield Hardline for example, but players will certainly do that. The reason is that not anyone has a budget or time to play two games that are very close in release date. I also need to choose whether to play game X or go with game Y. Battlefield Hardline will be released next month on March 17 ,2015.  EA did a smart move allowing everyone to get a taste of the game in the beta. I played the beta and although my first impression about Battlefield hardline weren’t overwhelmy positive, I had a blast playing with my friends.

I really like the intense action, the well-designed maps, the cars, the tight group oriented gameplay design, the sound effects and the tons of unlock items which available in the game. I didn’t play Evolve yet, but I watched tons of Evolve live streaming videos on Twitch. I have to admit that I enjoy watching it.

If I had to choose between Battlefield Hardline and Evolve, I would pick Battlefield Hardline.  I just hoped that they’ll fix most of the issues players had in the beta and when the game comes out it wouldn’t have so many issues, like in previous releases.

I know that Evolve is a different type of game, and I’m sure that many players want to get a taste how it feels like playing a new shooter for a change. In that respect I think that Evolve certainly delivers. This tight, claustrophobic, small-group intense gameplay. I Think that people who buy it won’t get disappointed.

The thing I like the mot in Battlefield Hardline and in Battlefield franchise in general is the 64 and 32-players matches. I really enjoy playing games with lots of people in the same match. I also like the fact that I can play with 5 of my friends in the same squad, although I wish that there was an option for more players.

At the same breath, I have a feeling that Battlefield will be more polished a few months after release. It just feels like that when playing it, it still seems lacking in many ways. In that respect, Evolve seems more polished and ready to go, without any real issues – although some players still feel that the game needs more balancing, like the monsters are still overpowered. I didn’t dig that deep into it, but overall it seems like a really well-designed game ready for its prime-time.

If I need to pick one shooter, I would go with Battlefield. Which one you would pick?

*Evolve is already out and Battlefield Hardline is still in beta. My impressions with Battlefield hardline is based on my experience after playing the beta