In my opinion, ‘For Honor’ is the most exciting game among all the games that I’ve seen in E3 2015, brought to us by Ubisoft Montreal. The release date for For Honor hasn’t been revealed yet, but Ubisoft did share a gameplay footage.

The first time that I’ve seen the For Honor gameplay multiplayer walkthrough video I didn’t know how to categorized this game. There aren’t many melee fighting games these days, most are shooters in one form or another. Most of the melee fighting games are actually mobas, but moba characters aren’t only melee and have a bird-eye third-person view.

A knight with a sword fighting

For Honor seems to inherit game elements from first-person shooter, MOBA and fighting games.  It is melee-based third-person fighting game but it also incorporates support attacks when achieving certain amount of points during the fight. One of his modes is like capture the flag, where you need to control three zones on the map in order to win.  In that mode you play 4-vs-4, but you have NPCs that will push forward to capture the point and you need to prevent them from doing so, very similar to a moba game like Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends.

knights with swords in fight, For Honor game screenshot

Image credit: Ubisoft

Unlike MOBA games, For Honor has a unique character attack and defensive mechanism. It was built to give the look and feel of a realistic sword fight from the medieval era, whether fighting as a Samurai, viking or Knight. The gameplay is a mix of strategy, skill and team play. The visuals, the surrounding visuals and sound effects, all should give you the most realistic sword battle seen on any game to date.

I think that the game has the right ingredient to be a successful game for the following reasons:

  • The additional NPCs give the sense of a big fight
  • Very detailed historical environment, which we don’t get to see often in games
  • Unique gameplay mechanics and innovative control scheme that make sword fighting as realistic as possible and requires skill in order to master (so it seems)
  • (hopefully) lots of progression and customization options
  • Cooperative/competitive gameplay
  • Beautiful smooth character animation
  • Well-designed strategic maps
  • The sound effects from the gameplay video really enhance the fighting experience
  • Each character class as its own unique abilities (Samurai is faster have stronger offensive moves vs the Knight which has stronger defensive moves, that from what I’ve heard from the video)
  • High replay value as expected from this type of game

Keep in mind that the gameplay footage is from the pre-alpha stage, so the final game might look different from what you see in the video.

I think that For Honor game will appeal to a wide audience, those who love shooters, fighting games and strategic games like Moba. I think it brings a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry that seems like what it has done in 2015 was just rehashing older or existing titles.

I hope that this game will be out soon, but if it’s in its pre-alpha stage, it might be released in late 2016. I am really looking forward playing it on my PS4!