I’m so excited about the game For Honor. I can’t recall playing a game like that before, at least not one with a competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Anything about this game just looks amazing. I love the beautiful visuals and fire effects, it feels so atmospheric. The character design is out of this world, and the animations are so cool. 

To be honest, me and my PS4 buddies are fed up with first person shooters and we always complained that there are no innovation when it comes to gameplay. Finally comes Ubisoft with that amazing game and really innovate. For Honor definitely feels different than most of the other PS4 games out there. I personally always wanted Mortal Kombat X to have 2-vs-2, because I love fighting games, but I was disappointed that the game lacked cooperative gameplay mode.

I think it so cool playing a fighting game with your friends and the best thing about For Honor is that it features both 1-vs-1, 2-vs-2 and even 4-vs-4. Just imagine how amazing it will be playing with four friends versus another team.

I watched a lot mutliplayer gameplay videos, but this one is one of my favorites that really gives you a good feeling what For Honor multiplayer gameplay is all about.

By the way, I already signed up for the closed beta through Ubisoft website. If you haven’t done so, this is the time to do it. I signed up for the PS4 one, but you can signup for the PC version.

All in all, one of my personal most anticipated games for 2017. I really want to be able to play the beta. I’ll update this blog with more information, and hopefully some gameplay videos if I get an access to the closed beta.