I just came after watching Fortnite review video by ‘Worth A Buy’. The reviewer slashed the game by really going against its F2P and RNG practices, as well as the repetitive and grindy gameplay. There is something I have to say about it, but before that, maybe it’s a good thing to just see the view yourself.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game coming in early 2018. However, ¬†gamers have an option to buy into the early access by paying for one of four ‘Founder”s paid plans to be given the option to play it before it is released as a F2P game in 2018. Of course many did so, some liked the game, others didn’t.

I understand the need to add microntransactions to free-to-play games. This is the a proven method that helps monetize games and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course there are different ways to implement this and it’s different from game to game. It’s also different based on whether it’s a competitive, single-player or co-operative multiplayer game.

I’ve been playing Hearthstone (Card Collecting Game by Blizzard) for many years now. In the game in order to have cards that can take you towards Legend, you need to fit into the meta and have some legendary cards that are very hard to get. You always have the option to buy card packs that will increase the chance of getting the required cards. I didn’t pay a cent to Hearthstone, yet I really enjoy the game, even without having to progress through to Legend status.

Some people might be annoyed by the microtransactions because they don’t want people that don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on microtransactions to get better gear than them. They want their effort and time spent in the game to count for something. They want their experience to mean something. In those type of games, the prize for your efforts is loot.

Now there is also the RNG that comes into play. This means that even if you buy many Pinata Lamas, nothing guarantees that you get better loot, the only thing that goes up are your chances of getting it. Still, I can understand that people who work their ass off to get precious rare loot, don’t want a new player to come up and overrun their efforts buy just buying those loot boxes with money.

I personally love RNG in games. I know it’s addictive and this is why companies are using this. Players can get really addictive to this. Many players want to start playing early to gain a competitive advantage over other players. It’s quite common even in co-op games. People want to be in a spot where they want to show off instead of feeling envy of other player’s cool loot.

I love RNG when it comes to progressions because I like the anticipation. Even if I don’t get what I need, what makes me enjoy it is the moments before I open the loot box. This is, for many people, the most exciting part of the game. It might looks weird because it takes only takes a few seconds to view all that loot, but the emotional experience in that moment is very high.

Destiny also had an RNG system when it comes to loot and I personally really liked it. I was thrilled when I got my first exotic weapon, I still remember this moment after many years. Some players prefer a different progression system that doesn’t rely on RNG, but on skill. I think that the RNG does brings repetitiveness with it. It also intentionally holds out progression and it’s good for games that actually lacks of high amount of content, although there are even big MMORPG that employ the same RNG loot practices.

I don’t mind and actually like the loot system, but in no way I will excuse Epic Games if the game will lack of content. The thing is that from my experience with Epic Games’ games, I think that this won’t happen and we get to see a lot of content coming up for this game.

I also read some options of players who played the game that dismiss many of the complaints said in this video. They said they had no problem progressing and achieving good loot and they didn’t spend a dime for buying in-game currency to pay for loot boxes.

I am interested to hear what you guys think about Fortnite in terms of its RNG ¬†loot system and microtransactions? Please share your opinions in the comment’s section below and thanks for reading.

(Don’t read this if you are too over emotional) Oh, before I signed out, I highly recommend checking out this article on ign.com. Once you read it, you’ll understand that it doesn’t matter how much people complain, they just share their frustration, but at the end of the day, random rewards are better than fixed ones to getting people to form a habit, chance behaviors or learn a new one.So this system works really well, you just need to ignore all the winning. This just show us that we are not different than other pets, we can be tamed, sad buy true.