My Titan Carrying Suros Regime rifle at the tower

I am a one-game guy. Right now I only play Destiny. I prefer entirely immersing myself in the game and in its community. That said, I play lots of hours and thinking about playing a second game. It doesn’t mean that I intend to stop playing Destiny, but I feel that I want to try another game, maybe something different, not just a shooter.

I’ve been looking forward to many games in 2015, but I probably buy two game in the entire year. Among those games are: Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy XV, No Man’s Sky, Evolve and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Evolve is very close to be released, on February  10 ,2015. I also made an article about the most anticipated games for PS4, so feel free to read it at your spare time.

So right now my eyes are set on Evolve. For me it really depends on what my friends are going to play. If many of them buy the game, I will also buy it. This is especially important in Evolve, because the key for winning and enjoying the game is playing with a consistent group and preferably friends. My online friends are those who I actually met while playing Destiny. So right now a few of them already shown interest in buying Evolve.

Battlefield Hardline is also set to March 17, 2015. This is another franchise that I really enjoy playing, and I am sure that this one won’t disappoint. I will probably choose to play either Evolve or Battlefield Hardline in the upcoming months. I’m sure that any of them will keep me busy and will offer lots of hours of fun.

I also prefer multiplayer games, cooperative or competitive, less a single-player-game guy. I enjoy playing with other people and share my experience in-game and do that with people that also share the same interest as me with the game.

All in all there aren’t many games, but 2015 should be a great year for PS4, and many of the AAA titles look really interesting. Lets just hope that they will stand up for my expectations. I’ll be watching more gameplay trailers and read gamer’s opinions before making that choice.

So for me its either Battlefield Hardline or Evolve, what is yours?