A few hours ago I’ve received an invitation for the closed beta for the game ‘For Honor’ by Ubisoft. I was looking for this game for a long time, but I’m still not sure whether to bring Nioh or For Honor. It’s great that I have the option to play the game and see if I like it or not. It’s already downloaded so I just need to wait for January 26th 3PM CET to play.

The beta will last until January 30th (2AM CET) so there is plenty of time to play the game, especially over the weekend. If I like the game, I might bring it instead of Nioh. I really love playing multiplayer games, and although Overwatch taking most of my spare time, I want to try a different game for a change, and For Honor looks like something completely different than anything that I’ve played in the last couple of years.

I’ll be playing the game on the PlayStation 4. I’ll check if players are allowed to Stream the game from the closed beta, if so I’ll give you a heads up when I ┬áplay.