Another cool game that was announced for the Switch is called Graceful Explosion Machine or GEM for short. GEM is a side-scrolling arcade shooter. In this game you need to blast your way through swarms of crystalline enemies using your quad-weapon array. One of the things that really caught my eyes is how vivid and beautiful this game looks. The developer describes the worlds that you travel through as jewel-hued alien world. This worlds just look so stunning , lots of colors, dynamic shapes yet very simple and well-defined character designed and user interface.

I really love fast-paced challenging shooter game and it’s great to be able to play a classic game but one that is visually really sleek and modern. According to the official game’s page on, there are more than 30 levels that spread across 4 different worlds. I just hope that those levels are very challenging. I personally would have preferred a predefined procedurally generated levels, so I can progress through and get a high replay value out of this game.

The geometric enemy design and the stunningly vibrant visuals makes this game stand out from the test. I really love the multiplayer and combo numbers flashing in the corner when you manage to deal a large sequence of hits upon the enemies. You have four weapons that you can use in the game: Blaster (straight shots), Energy Sword (circular shot that circular around you, looks more defensive), Sniper Beam (powerful accurate shot) and Missiles (seems like an AOE shot).

I think that I’ve played too much shooters lately. I think this game really reminds me that I need to take a new dose of some fast-paced arcade games, just to not forget how cool and fun those games are. I think that it’s great that developers are bringing those type of games to the Nintendo Switch. I am actually buying the Switch because it features games that seems to be forgotten in modern consoles.

I think Graceful Explosion Machine will look amazing on the Switch. I also think it’s a great game to play handheld on the go.

The game is being developed by Vertex Pop. Here is the official page of the game on Anyway, don’t forget to check out this game when it comes out this Spring.