Today I’ve read an article on about the extensive graphics options in GTA 5, which are only available for the PC version.  There are tons of tweaking you can do to maximize the look and feel of the game. From the early screenshots we can’t ignore the fact that it looks bloody amazing.

I’ve decided to buy a PS4 not just because of the exclusives, but because I didn’t want to invest in a high-end PC and don’t want to worry about system requirements. Having said that, the game visuals are an important part of next-gen games. We can’t ignore the fact that both the PS4 and Xbox One, which are the newest consoles, are already far behind PC in terms of graphic performance. It was like that even on day one. This is the luxury that only PC gamers have, because we, console owners, have no way to upgrade the hardware. This is something you can do any day when you decide to make your PC more powerful, so your games will look better and run at a higher frame-rate.

In some ways it really depends on the game that you play, and even so, in many games the differences might not justify the extra cost and don’t really add to the overall experience. On the other hand, for some games, the visuals are an important integral part that enhance the realism of the game and therefore enhance the experience. I think that for GTA V it will certainly make a different because it’s an open-world type of game with lots of real-life objects and landscapes.

Some games were designed from the ground up to be cartoonish and less realistic, and for those games it’s obviously less important. But it’s not just the sheer realism, but also the lighting effects particle effects, the number of objects that can be placed in a given scene, the reflections and the small details that can make the game more appealing.

I remember playing Battlefield 3 on my HP laptop computer. I don’t have a desktop computer. I remember playing it on the lowest settings and in lower resolution (less than 1920×1080), and I still enjoyed it a lot.  For a shooter or a racing game it’s important to run the game at high framerates, without it, the game can even be less playable and can even hurt the gameplay itself.

With consoles, every games are optimized to the system. You’ll be able to run all games without any issues (at least 99.99% of the games, some console games do suffer from framerate drops during gameplay). That said, even if the games runs super smooth, it will, in one way or another, come at the cost of the visuals. 3D models will have less polygons, there will be less anti-aliasing or not at all, there will be fewer objects in the game, the light won’t be as realistic, the depth of field effect will be limited and much less realistic (I’ve seen it in Battlefield Hardline, it looked terrible), etc. So it’s not just the graphic quality, but the number of objects you can put in the game, which can certainly improve the experience.

Of course PC gamers can play games in a higher resolution like 4K with good frame-rate, depends on the hardware.  Just imaging playing a game like GTA V, a racing or fighting game on a 4K display – should look amazing!

I made my choice and I am happy with it, but at the same breath I feel a bit envy not being able to get the fullest experience in some games, which I think that better graphics can add to those games.

I am happy for all PC gamers that they can enjoy playing GTA V with such beautiful environments, I’m sure it will be awesome and I’m waiting for some comparison videos to clearly see how the two version (PS4 vs PC) differ. Happy gaming!