Aloy hunting in Horizon: Zero Down game

I was so excited when I saw the reveal of Horizon: Zero Down, a new franchise by Guerrilla Games, the developer of Killzone. Guerrilla Games is owned by Sony, so of course this games is developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

This is by far the most exciting game announcement in E3 2015, alongside For Honor, which looks like an amazing game.  According to PlayStation’s website, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a third-person Open-world action RPG survival/stealth game.

The game looks bloody amazing. You have to see the trailer to see how gorgeous the world looks like. The games also has a good post-apocalypse story, which after a few thousands years, a new civilization is exploring the world left by the previous advanced civilization (which the new civilization referred to as “The old ones”). However, the dominate species are not humans, but mechanical lifeforms. You’ll be fighting against those machines in order to survive. You’ll be crafting weapons and exploring this big open-world in your own pace.

You play as Aloy, a female character. You goal is to find out the origin of those mechanical lifeforms and find out what happened to the human race.

The story somewhat reminds me of the movie “Avatar”, but told in a different way.  Instead of humans invading another planet to mine its resource, a new civilization emerging from the ruins of the previous civilization,  trying to survive its left-overs.

The combination of old and new technology brings a breath of fresh air to weaponry design, which is as far as I can recall, is something that we haven’t seen before.  You have the ability to craft new weapons by combining organic materials and mechanical materials that you harvest by killing those robotic lifeforms.

Like expected from and exclusive game by Guerrilla Games and has we seen from the trailer, the game graphics is breathtaking.  The vegetation reacts to the players movement and the player can use the high grass to hide from enemies.  The main character design looks fresh and interesting. The character mechanics seems to be built for fast-pace combat. Horizon: Zero Down game will run at 1080p 30 FPS.

According to its developer, the game runs on a modified version as Killzone: Shadow Fall’s. Nowadays, people expecting to play shooters in 60 FPS, son in some way it’s kind of a let down. That being said, in order an open-world game looks like what we’ve seen, they had to sacrifice frame rate for better visuals. It might not be bad after all if the game’s combat system was designed to match that performance.

Is seems that this game has all the ingredients to be a successful game: a good and interesting story (not original though, but one that is easier to get emotionally attach to), beautiful lush environment, gorgeous graphics, crafting system, stealth and survival gameplay,  original characters in a new franchise,  open-world environment, etc. It seems that this game has it all.. but wait.. what about Multiplayer?

Guerrilla Games didn’t reveal whether there’ll will be a multiplayer mode in this game. I certainly hope that it will be. I think that a multiplayer mode can allow players to continue enjoying the combat system and the unique weapons after they finish the campaign/story. That instead of letting the game end when the story ends.

The game launched in 2016, exclusively on PS4.