House of Wolves, the second Destiny expansion arrives at Math 19th. These are excellent news, and I’ve been waiting for it like ages. I think that the House of Wolves expansion comes at the right time. There are many games played to be announced and released around E3, and Destiny might lose their momentum.

I even assume that some of the most dedicated Destiny players (like myself :)) might move on playing other games.  I have no doubt that once it’s out I’ll play it. I have many friends that I met in Destiny that really want to team-up with and play with them.

I already pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X and plan to spent quite a lot of time playing it. I think that House of Wolves DLC comes at a perfect time for me. I’ll probably want to play something else alongside Mortal Kombat X, and I think that Destiny is the perfect game for me to jump into again.

I have to admit that I haven’t played Destiny for Quite some time now, I think about a month or even longer. I already reached Level 32 with all my three characters. I was starting to get very bored with the game. I did the raids like million times, got every exotic weapon in the game and some very good legendary weapons. I played Iron Banner and did tons of strikes, but it became so repetitive that I just stopped playing it. It’s among the best games that I’ve played, and I really want to play it again, but without new and exciting content I it won’t happen.

I juts hope that House of Wolves DLC will have enough content to entertain me until the big expansion pack is released. Which I suppose to be released at the end of the year, not sure what date exactly. From what I’ve read, Bungie hasn’t reveal the release date yet.

Keep in mind that The witcher 3 will be released at the same date as House of Wolves. I don’t know if Bungie did it in purpose, but I’m sure that can frustrate a few people who already pre-ordered it and also want to play House of Wolves at the same time.

It’s so frustrating knowing that you have two games that you want to play at the same time.  You want to jump straight into Destiny and do the new raids, but at the same time you don’t want to wait with the other game. Yeh, you can play them both at the same day, but it just fills annoying in a way.

Anyways, we should be glad that we have lots of good games to play, and look at the bright side. I don’t play to buy The Witcher 3, but I think it’s going to be an amazing game! So don’t stop yourself ordering it only because House of Wolves gets out. Furthermore, it’s a single player game, so you won’t feel a big urge to play it straight away, it can wait. It’s not like Destiny that you want to play the moment everyone is playing, so it’s easier to team-up with your friends and other players.