dog bored

Playing raids in Destiny is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable thing to do in terms of gameplay enjoyment. The hardest the raid is, the better the satisfaction of completing it. Playing it with friends and completing the raid successfully with friends is the thing that I enjoy the most in Destiny.

After finishing Crota’s End raid on hard several times, I found out that I have little to do. That until the new expansion pack is out, and that’s going to take a while. Unlocking new weapons is certainly one of the fun parts of the game, and reaching level 32 might take a while. I am still level 31 with my Titan character, and even after a few weeks since the Crota’s End raid is out, I still didn’t manage to get either the chest or helmet armor gear in order to progress it to level 32. A few of my friends already Level 32 with their three characters. Even so, I was able to finish it with my friends with my Titan level 31.

The thing is with armor drops is that you might not get it after a few weeks. It seems like the game doesn’t take the other armor gear items in consideration and elevate the chances to get the missing gear. I did get the Red Death exotic pulse¬†which I enjoy playing right now, but for me it’s just isn’t enough. There are a few weapons that I wish I had, but it isn’t all up to me whether I get those or not. I can farm ROC strikes and hope for a drop, but with around 1:50 chances, it seems like a complete waste of time doing those same strikes all over again — and even then, it’s not certain that I get them. In fact, I might never get them at all, no matter how much I play.

So what else is there to it in Destiny that can make this end-game more enjoyable? — Well, Crucible is certainly entertaining, especially when playing with friends, but I had enough of it at the moment. I don’t want to do strikes anymore because I get bored, no new missions, no Level 36 gear until next week when it refreshes, I already did all the raids on hard (didn’t get anything special though, except the Red Dead pule rifle and the raid’s weapons which I don’t intend to use).For the hardcore gamer, there is little to do in Destiny’s universe. Each Friday I have hopes that Xur will sell a new interesting gear that I might want to upgrade, but in terms of gameplay experience, there isn’t much to it.

The thing that I am missing is something challenging to do in PVE. I wish there was another raid that is like in Extreme-hard mode, like in Final Fantasy XIV Real Reborn. I din’t expect a new raid, but maybe release an even harder raid with new gear around a month after the hard raid, so the hardcore gamers can have something else to do.

I know that’s not going to happen, so I start looking for an alternate game for Destiny, another shooter that I can enjoy playing, something new and engaging. I thought about buying Killzone Shadow Fall, but I mostly care about the multiplayer, and many of my friends are not playing it. I know when a new game is out, many of my friends will buy it and I will also consider buying it as well. However, since Destiny came out, most of my friends are playing Destiny and ditched the other games. I prefer playing with my friends than building a new social circle all over again in another game.

Evolve is coming soon, and this is probably the only game in the horizon that I am actually interested in buying. I hope that my friends will buy it too, even though it doesn’t have any PVE and its pure PVP experience. I have a friend that wanted me to buy Killzone to play with him, and although the multiplayer part does look interesting, I wasn’t convinced to pay for the entire game and I know that we might only have little time to play together in the evening. I like to play during the day, and right now as I mentioned, my friends are playing Destiny. For me it’s easier to find a friend that is playing almost any hour during the day, but I don’t have many friends that play Killzone.

Games aren’t released to the PS4 every day and not even every month, at least not the titles that I want to play. Sometimes you need to wait months in order to enjoy a game that you eager to play ,and that takes forever. I think that I’ll continue playing Destiny, but much less than before. I’ll be looking at some new titles this week. I think that a good racing game might be nice, try something different for a change.

I assume that there are many other Destiny players who feel the same. What keeps me playing is the fact that I have asocial circle of friends that I enjoy playing with. This makes playing Destiny all worth while, even though I am getting bored with it lately. Soon I will share with you the games that I am currently thinking of buying, and if you are in the same situation, it might help you out find another game to play alongside Destiny.