New Super Smash game for the Nintendo Switch

I’ve just finished watching EWNetwork reaction to Nintendo Switch presentation. I paid a good attention to the chat and I could clearly tell that many users shown their frustration that there is no new Smash 4 / Super Smash Bros. I’ve also seen many negative comments in the Smash community of many Nintendo fans showing their disappointment. I’m sure that nothing would be more awesome than to finish the Nintendo Switch event with a launch of a new Smash game for this new console, but it didn’t happen.

An article on mentioned that there might be an hint about an upcoming surprise release for a Smash title and Super Smash Bro bight be heading to the Nintendo Switch, but no official and direct comment from Nintendo regarding this. More discussion about  this subject can be found on and

Even if Super Smash Bros was ported to the Switch, it might come in 2018 and not even in 2017. I think that if Smash was available in 2017, we would have heard about in the big event in Tokyo. After all, this is the best stage in the world to showcase any Nintendo Switch game.

What I am thinking is that there is a new Smash game in the making, and it just take time for the developer to complete it and it will come in 2018 and maybe in late 2017. I also think that this is the reason why we don’t see a Super Smash Bros. version for the Nintendo Switch, because Nintendo don’t want those two games to overlap.

Now, if those two games can indeed overlap, so maybe we are about to see a brand new Smash game sooner than we think. If there was a year and half game for example, there was not problem just porting Super Smash Bros. and bringing it to the Switch on day one. I’m sure it would satisfy the fans and would help Nintendo sell ever more of its Nintendo Switch console.

According to an article posted on and those posted on other website, editors actually are saying that Noa President Flippantly confirmed that Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Although the title was mentioned in an interview as being “part of the big picture”. So I think that after reading those lines, it’s very likely that we get to see Smash Bros. coming to the Nintendo Switch in one way or another. But I want to read it black on white on the official Nintendo website, but because there isn’t detailed information, I really don’t know whether we are oging to see a port version of Smash Bros. or a new installment of this series.

There isn’t a lot of information about this subject, and of course no official answer from Nintendo about this. So what do you think, are we going to see a brand new Smash game for the Switch anytime soon, a port of the Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch or maybe non of these games?

Image credit: flickr , Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 generic