I have the same problem, I still haven’t decided who’ll be my main. As of the time of writing, the game hasn’t come out yet,  but I still wanted to decide on a few favorable ones. The list is long and each character looks amazing and has its own unique playstyle.

I did spend a lot of time reading articles, wikis, post questions on forums and watching gameplay videos.  The more that I got into it, the harder is was for me to make up my mind. As for now, the one character that I’m looking to play the most is Takeda. The second one will probably be Ermac.

Takeda might not be the most visually interesting character, but I really liked his metal whip long attacks.  More than that I enjoyed watching his whip combos, which look awesome and very deadly, putting tons of damage on your opponent. So I think that playing with him will let you fill powerful with all that cool animation and sound effects.

Ermac on the other hand looks amazing. He is different from Takeda because he uses Telekinetic energy instead of using any physical object or his body to deal damage. He is also, if I am not wrong, the only character who actually float and has a unique stance. It might be weird to play him at first, but I think that if I pick a second character, I want him to have a different playstyle than the first one. Therefore, I think Ermac (although I’m debating between him and Quan Chi seems like the most interesting ones in that aspect.

Before we continue, here’s a Takashi Takeda variations gameplay video by GameSpot:

and here’s Ermac’s:

Beautiful, isn’t it! – so hyped right now 🙂

It so hard to shrink it down to 1-4 characters. Kitana looks amazing in Mortal Kombat X, especially as an assassin. Kenshi has amazing sword moves and Erron Black looks very interesting character to play with.  Because it’s my first time playing MK, I think that I’ll be missing one of the most iconic characters:  Sub-Zero and Scorpion.  Maybe it’s because I want to characters that are less used, but I should certainly give them a try one way or another.

I’ll see how hard it to master one character, starting with Takeda and Ermac and then I’ll decide whether I’ll try to learn more characters. Nothing stops you from getting good in any amount of characters. OF course it’s better to focus and master a few than be average in many characters.