I am also still debate which Faction to join. I  haven’t yet chose which character will be my main, but I’m leaning toward Takeda and Ermac

Before we continue talking about a bit more about the factions, let’s take a look at the videos.

Black Dragon faction video

Black Dragon are in the top list of the Special Forces.

Special Forces faction video

White Lotus faction video

There are probably more videos coming. Check out Mortal Kombat Community on Youtube for more videos.

Ok, so which characters belong to which faction? — let’s take a closer look.. (probably Spoilers ahead)

According to wikia.com website: (*only listed the characters that appears in MKX)

Lin Kuei: none of the listed members are part of MKX (at least not those who were announced)
Allies: Raiden, Special Forces

Black Dragon: Kano, Tremor
Allies: Outworld
Enemies: Red Dragon, Special Forces

Special Forces: Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs, Kenshi, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Takeda Takahashi, Kung Jin
Allies: White Lotues, Johnny Cage, Lin Kuei, Raiden
Enemies: Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Outworld, Netherrealm, The Brothergood of Shadow

White Lotus: Raiden, Liu Kang, Kung Lao
Allies: Special Forces, Lin Kuei
Enemies: Outworld, Netherrealm, The Brotherhood of Shadow

Brotherhood of Shadow: Quan Chi (leader)

The other characters are not listed or currently known to be part of those factions. some resides in the Outworld like D’Vorah and Ermac and might be allied with one or more factions but not affiliated with them.

I’m sure that more will be revealed when the game is released and once we follow the story through.

So if you are one of those characters listed for the above factions, you might consider joining those. Of course factions are not tight to specific characters. This means that you can join a faction with any character of your choice. I assume that some will prefer going with the original story-based faction than help other factions, but it’s all up to you.

I personally don’t know which one to choose, but I think I’ll go with either White Lotus or Brotherhood of Shadows – but again, I might changed that when the game comes out and when I play the story.