Mortal Kombat X

I’m thinking about buying Mortal Kombat X but I am not 100% whether to buy it or not. I love playing arcade fighting games since I was a child.  That said, I haven’t played lots of them lately.  I remembered that I got a bit bored with them after playing several hours. 

Mortal Kombat X have some social elements like Fractions, but I would have preferred a tag (2 vs 2) fight than only play 1 vs 1 fights. From an interview with the developer, it seems that we won’t see any tag fights anytime soon, if at all.

In terms of visuals the game looks nice, but I expected it to look better on the PS4, especially considering the limited arena range and the amount of characters presented in each fight  (inc. the background characters).

The character’s mechanics also seems outdated. I would love to see overlapping movements, where two movements can coexists and not just two actions can happen at the same time (if it’s hit & block) and only one if it ‘s just a hit.  The character’s movement isn’t smooth as I wanted it to be, I rather not be aware of the animation keyframes and want it to be smooth. Just imagine if the two characters could hit each other sat the same time and have separate independant upper body and lower body movements. You could, for example, hit your opponent with a fist and decide when or if you want to kick him as well at the same time while the first first animation is still active.

In my opinion, the devs are using the same engine, maybe just improved one, and therefore they don’t have the option to upgrade the game with one or more of the features I’ve written above.  They are locked to their proprietary/modified game engine limitations. Mortal Kombat X should have been more than that, not just better skins and basic social elements.

When you play alone, you still won’t have the same social feeling like you play Destiny for example, The big missing feature is a multiplayer fight. Even 2 vs 2 would have been better than nothing. Getting into a fight with a friends could have been awesome.

In terms of pricing and DLC offering, I don’t see this as a huge problem. Indeed, the game isn’t cheap considering what you get for the same price with other AAA titles. The price is high because its a popular title. If you love playing Mortal Kombat X, you probably going to buy it even if it would cost $10-20 more and no matter what you going to get in the next DLC. If this marketing strategy wouldn’t have worked for so many games, we wouldn’t see it in MKX. The fact that this is exactly the marketing plan, this means that it works and many people will pre-order the game to get Goro character and character skins.

I like the fact that this game is available for PC as well. I own a PS4 and if I buy the game it would be for PS4, not for PC. The reasons is that my PC doesn’t have the right requirements to run this game smoothly, and with the PS4 I wouldn’t need to worry about system requirements anymore – which is a good thing. I didn’t see any side by side comparison, but I assume that it would look the best on PC with maxed out graphics settings, but that yet to be seen.

Speaking of graphics, I had expected to see more amazing particles effects, but  from what I’ve seen, they are quite simple and not that impressive .

Having a story is nice, because it draws you in to the game quickly, which is very handy for newbies. The fact that you can play and contribute to a particular fraction is nice because you don’t just feel that you play for yourself, which in some way can get boring pretty quickly. Everything you do in the game get you points, which some of them are contributed t o the fraction you’ve chosen to be part of.

There aren’t many AAA titles coming in the upcoming two months, and in my opinion this is one problem that I experience with consoles. I don’t want to pre-order / by a game just to have something to play, and especially don’t want to pay a premium price for it. Mortal Kombat X is different from the other games I own right now. I might enjoy it a lot or I might get bored with it pretty quickly. I really don’t know. I want to give it a chance. For me, it has to be really challenging, and I want to always have something to do when logging in to the game the other day. The Daily missions, the tower, the fractions — I think that all of those features will keep me entertained for quite some time.

I think that most people that will enjoy it most are those who actually reading the story and follow the game since its early days, yes, MK fans. I think that for them this is not just another game, but a big celebration, a game that they have been waiting for quite some time. For the casual gamer it might be a good game. A game to play until another big AAA title comes along.

I bought Battlefield Hardline and I got bored with it pretty quickly (yes, I played a lot and reached level 147), but the gameplay was just boring after some time. I just hope that Mortal Kombat X will be fun and enjoyable to play and satisfy the demands and needs of its fans. Who knows, maybe I’ll find  MKX to be my great favorite game, I really don’t know. I do know that I should give it a chance.

I know that many people also think to buy the game after its released and maybe after the price gets down. In the same breath, I also know that most people want to play the game the moment it gets out, whether to get an advantage of other players, get unique skins and cool stuff to show off or just enjoy the game at the same day it launches with all the hype. It’s like  being a part of a big global party, at least where the gaming community is involved.

In some way, I think that it might be better to wait for early reviews and see if everything works well (e.g. net code) at launch. It might be a disaster, and you might curse the day you pre0-ordered it, it’s not like it didn’t happen before. I think nothing bad will happen if you buy it two days later. I haven’t decided whether I buy it on day-1 or not, I’m still thinking it out. Pre-order Mortal Kombat X or not to pre-order?

What’s your opinion about the game? — share your opinion in the comment section below and let’s open a fruitful conversation.