Let’s start by saying that this is the first time I play Mortal Kombat. There many reasons why I’ve decided to buy Mortal Kombat X and I’ve dive into those later on. I pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X and start playing with at midnight the very first day it was released. Nothing, and I mean nothing could prepare me to what I’m going to experience in playing this game.

Beware – This One Takes Skill!

Straight to the point, Mortal Kombat X is one of the most challenging yet enjoyable games I’ve played in years. I played it on PlayStation 4 just so you know. If you are new to Mortal Kombat, MKX is probably be one of the hardest games you’ve ever played and trust me on this one. Before I bought it, someone on one of the popular MK forums told me that I’ll loose 98% of the online battles, and oh well, if was surely right on this one. It’s not a game for the casual gamer who plan to play it an hour a day or so. In order to be able to enjoy MK to its fullest, you’ll have to practice, and A LOT!

This is probably the game that takes the highest amount of practice and skill in order to win a match. It’s not like a shooter where you play with a team. On this one you are on your own, no one can help you out. You win or lose solely based on your skill.

MKX Single Player is Also Very Satisfying

Some gamers might find it too hard, others we’ll see it as a challenge and try their best to get better. That being said, Neverrealm Studios did something very smart with this game. They created the game in a way that will make newcomers a wide variety of game modes that allows them to slowly adapt to the game, and even enjoy it while playing offline.

In Mortal Kombat X you have several offline game modes (“One Player”):

  • Story – this is the “campaign” mode, which I recommend every newcomer to finish first. This will give you a good introduction to the game mechanics, the characters’ history and faction affiliation.
  • Towers – Challenge yourself against a variety of characters, each one is harder than its predecessor. You have the option to choose “Traditional Towers”, “Living Towers” and “Tower Challenges”, with “Living Towers” offer challenges that change daily and hourly. Upon finishing a tower, you’ll gain experience and earn Koins (MK currency). You can choose the tower difficulty as well and with Koin you can visit the Krypt to unlock new items.
  • Single Fight – fight against an AI opponent of your choice
  • Test Your Luck – Fight against AI with random gameplay Modifiers
  • Training –  Practice against an AI opponent and customize it in various ways
  • Fatality Practice – Practice how to execute fatalities
  • Tutorial – Covers all the character’s mechanics
  • Faction – Contribute experience points to your faction of choice (The one that you’ve joined when you start playing the game. Faction can be changed any time, but you lose progress)
  • Invasion – a competitive  faction activity with its own Invasion Towers and Invasion Boss

Each one of the modes will help you gain more skill and get better with your characters of choice. Many players recommend choosing not more than two characters (also referred to as “Main” characters). The reasons for that is obvious: there are lots of moves to learn, and each character has three different variations, with its own unique moves and combos.  So I personally recommend choosing one character and make sure you fill comfortable with it. you’ll test your skill against the AI and of course against other players online.

I personally start playing in offline mode only, one I felt comfortable using my character I start playing a few online modes.

MKX Story is Very Well Made

Mortal Kombat X story mode is very well made. Although a bit cliche, it’s fun to watch, and it’s beautiful how they made the transition between the story and the battles. You feel like taking a meaningful part in the story. You play it as many different characters, not just one. I really like this because it gives you a taste how it’s like playing different characters.I actually chosen my main characters based on my experience with them in the story.

D'Vorah and Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat X story mode

D’Vorah and Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat X story mode

The graphics are colorful, beautiful and fluid. Mortal Kombat X runs smoothly at 1080p60 on PlayStation 4. I never experienced any drop in frame rate during the story.  It’s beautifully done, don’t ever think about skipping it. Especially if you are new to this franchise.  Just give yourself the pleasure of emerging yourself in the fantasy world of Mortal Kombat and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy every second of it.

To be honest, I personally not the type of game who spend time on campaign modes. I didn’t know whether I’ll like it or not, but I enjoyed it so much. I let myself be immersed with this warrior’s fantasy world and it made me enjoy the game even more.

It’s All About Practicing

Mortal Kombat X is not your casual game. If you don’t intend to invest in it, your online experience will probably make you feel like a loser, because you probably going to lose most of the time. In order to be good in this game, you have to remember lots of moves, learn how to counteract the opponent moves, learn to block and learn to chain combos to maximize the damage you do to your opponent.

Sub-Zero vs Kitana in Mortal Kombat X Practive mode

Sub-Zero vs Kitana in Mortal Kombat X Practive mode

Some players have been playing this game for years. They can finish you in a few seconds without sweating. If that happens, it just means that you need to continue practicing. In fact, even the pros practice hours every day. The more you practice, the better your chances to win. Don’t feel bad when you lose. This is the only way to get experience and learn how play. It will happen you when you play against AI, and especially against experienced players.

Mortal Kombat Character selection section

Mortal Kombat Character selection section

I also recommend not changing a character every day. Just stick with one character and don’t stop playing with it. Start by learning a few basic moves and move learning the combos, which a re more complicated to execute and harder to remember by heart. Some people choose Scorpion or Sub-Zero, which are the iconic Mortal Kombat characters, other go with the newly introduced characters, like Erron Black or D’Vorah. SO just choose one and stick with it.

A cool feature in Mortal Kombat X is the option to tag some character moves from the “Move List” and show them while you play. This allows you to practice on certain moves. You can view exactly how to execute those moves without going to the “Move List” page in the menu. Just press the “Options” button on your PS4 controller, choose “Move List” and tag the moves your wish to practice using the triangle key, press again to untag or old it to clear all selections.

I’m reminding your again, never stop practicing.

MKX Multiplayer Mode

The “Online” mode is probably the mode that you want to check out after you gain some confident playing with your main characters and you want to put yourself to the test. Don’t worry if you lose. Playing against human characters is the best way to gain experience. Something that AI just won’t do. Some AI can be set to “Very Hard” and are really hard to beat, so a combination of online and offline matches is probably the best way to level up your skill. You don’t have to play online on day one, but I recommend doing it just to feel how it’s like playing against other human players — It’s fun!

Here’s a multiplayer match video made by GhostRobo, enjoy.

Mortal Kombat X offers many different modes: user custom created rooms (“Rooms”), Versus (Player vs Player, Test Your Luck, Practice), Team Battle (Faction match, Ranked match, Player match, Private match), King of the Hill (Klassic, Survivor), Tower Battle (Player match, Private match). Although there are different modes, the fighting game is still the same, 1 versus 1, without or without modifiers or with different progression system. You can experience ad koins that will help you rank up your character profile level and faction level.


Factions is the social element in Mortal Kombat X. You choose one of five factions (Lin Kuei, White Lotus, Brotherhood of Shadow, Black Dragon and Special Forces). You need to help you faction to week. Every week a winner is announced. You can contribute to your faction by earning War Points (WP).

Faction War Mortal Kombat X

Factions are new to MK series. I think it’s an excellent addition because it allows players to feel that they are part of something big. I think it was also designed to keep new players feel useful, because new players might find it hard to earn points online against more experiences players.

I’ve chosen Lin Kuei, and as of the time of writing, my faction is leading with 40%, with two days and eleven hours left until the weekly competition ends. You can earn war points by doing factions related towers and online faction fights against other users.

So overall, the addition of Faction War is a nice touch that unite players from all around the world. This game doesn’t have a coop mode, so this is some type of coop mode, but you actually don’t get to play with other players, just contribute your effort to the global war.

Mortal Kombat X My New Hobby

Mortal Kombat X offers many other unique gameplay elements, including the ability to modify your Kombat Kard that change the amount of experience and koins that you earn in fights. You can spend koins in the “Krypt”, which is like a first-person little adventure where you walk in an old graveyard and unlock various in-game items (e.g. new brutalities and fatalities, new maps, etc.) – a very cool concept in my opinion. You can view the top player ranking chart to see who is the leading online fighter,  view match replays and see your offline Kombat History.

I didn’t know what to expect from Mortal Kombat when I bought it. I didn’t know if I like this type of game or not. Once I start playing with it, I was amazed how much depth this game has. No, it’s not an adventure, it’s not an open world game, but it’s not less interesting and challenging than those games. In fact, Mortal Kombat games are among the most challenging games I can recall.

Mortal Kombat X requires that you invest many hours in polishing your movements and putting them into use against other experienced fighters. Some people buy this game in order to play against friends locally 1-vs-1 in the living room, others focus on improving their skills and try to level up their online ranking. Some people even take that even more seriously and sign up for competition where you actually have the option to earn money as a professional player.

No matter which way you choose to play it, Mortal Kombat X is a very enjoyable game. It looks amazing, it’s probably more challenging than any game that you played before, but it’s super satisfying. It’s easy to get addicted to this game. I’ve spent many hours playing Ermac (my main character), and players just keep killing me all the time, although I start winning matches lately).

I can criticize this game as a former Mortal Kombat player because I this is my first MK game. But I can tell you from a complete newbie, that Mortal Kombat X is one of the most exciting games I played in recent years. This is not that type of game that you finish after one week and more to the next one. This game will give you months and even years of gameplay.

It’s even more fun when your player against friends online. I play it on the PS4 and many of my friends bought it.Each day I log in and invite them for a fight and practice together. I’m sure that if you give it enough time, you’ll enjoy it even more, once you get good with your character of choice.

For me, Mortal Kombat X is like a new hobby that I invest time in. whenever I have free time I play the game and try to improve my skills. You’ll completely understand what I mean once you get your hands on this game.


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