In my opinion the sound is not less important than any other aspects of the game. I’ve been listening carefully to many of the sounds effects in the game during battle. I was amazed how many of them were and how important they are to elevate the fighting experience.

Take Goro for example. He is a big beast and every punch fills like a very mighty punch in this game. D’Vorah stings and they’ve chosen an excellent sound effect to make you feel hut by her attacks. ┬áThis is the same with the other characters.

Just think about it, if you turn out the sound it’s like watching a completely different game. You have not feeling of the fighter’s power and pain.

I also stumbled on a very funny videos that demonstrated how the sound producers make up all those sounds effects — take a look.

Bloody hell, this is hilarious!

So the graphics is awesome, the gameplay is slick but┬áchallenging, there is a social aspect to the game, lots of characters, lots of variations, costumes and amazing sound effects – Mortal Kombat X is going to be one hack of a game (as I said, already pre-ordered).