Get we get more hyped than we are now with Mortal Kombat X? This will be the first fighting video game I played in years. I was never more excited to play this game after watching many of the gameplay videos and watching EVO 2014 Mortal Kombat tournament finals.

I never thought this game has such depth to it. Once you see how the pros play you really start to get the hand of it, like how important is to doge incoming attacks and how crucial it is to know how to read your opponents movements based on the character they play. I asked some questions on and the more experienced players some questions. The community is very welcoming and everyone were really to answer my questions and give me tips.

After getting tired playing Destiny (played many hours on this game) and got bored with Battlefield Hardline quite fast, it was time to search for another game to play. I prefer playing a multiplayer game, something competitive that requires skill and has a high learning curve, and in my opinion, Mortal Kombat X is the perfect game and exactly what I was looking for.

There is plenty to learn about the game, ad I wasn’t aware that there are so many tactics involved in it. I’ve learned terms like “zoning”, “counter picking” (when you change your character the last-minute according to what character your opponent chose – seems players really dislike this strategy) and much more.

Before I start reading about this game I wasn’t aware of all those thing and I’m glad that I did. Now I am over hyped and really want to get my hands on this game and play it. If you are a total newbie like me, I highly recommend registering forums and start reading more of the interesting questions that people ask, most of them you won’t find anywhere else, only on dedicated MK forums where the dedicated players share their experience.

I will share more tips with you on future posts as I start playing and getting more experience playing the game. I think that this will be an amazing gaming experience for me.