I’ve seen some video on YouTube where tech guys and Nintendo fans talk about that Nintendo didn’t learn from the Wii U mistake and repeating. For them, Nintendo repeats the same mistakes all over again with the Nintendo Switch.

I thought about many of the things that were said. Most of the things were regarding the hardware specs, which are inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One. The reason why they prefer a more powerful console is to allow third-party developers to develop games for the Nintendo Switch. 3rd party developers just didn’t bother with the Wii U because it didn’t have the power to support their games and some just didn’t want to create a separate build just for that system.

Here is one of the videos that I am talking about by ReviewTechUSA. It’s an interesting video and he brings up some important points.

So it seems a bit odd that Nintendo has decided to yet again go with a console with specs that in this generation, is still inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One. I’ve also seen a video in which Reggie Fils-Aimé say with Nintendo it’s all about content, about great games.

We all know that Nintendo have great exclusive games and this is in fact the reason why people even bother buying their consoles. So Nintendo could have gone in two directions: either come up with a very powerful new home console that is maybe as strong as the Scorpio or go with a hybrid device.

Now, and this is the important part. If Nintendo had wanted to, it could have developed a Nintendo Switch like device with very powerful specs. Not that technically it’s not possible, but you probably would have needed to pay thousands of dollars for that type of hybrid console. I’m sure that if it was possible to create  hybrid console with that power for $300, Nintendo would have done so, even if it was for $400 I believe that we would have seen such device. The problem is that a mobile version of those GPU, CPU and other techs is still very expensive.

The Nintendo Switch is a powerful console, but we probably still going to see many 3rd party developers staying a way from it. So it’s not that complicated to understand that when Nintendo has decided to make the Switch, it preferred designing a mobile gaming device than having strong 3rd party support.

There was just no option, at least not at that price point, to create a mobile gaming device with such a powerful hardware. The only other way to give users a more powerful console was to ditch the mobile factor and focus on a home non-portable gaming device like the PS4 and Xbox One.

I’m sure that some people just wondered how amazing those exclusive Nintendo games would have looked like on a very powerful home console that is much powerful than the PS4, like a really next-gen console? When you look at all the great games that the Nintendo Switch is going to have, most of those titles do not requires such a powerful system. Many of those games have cartoon-style graphics with low polygon count that don’t require very powerful GPUs and can run just fine on the Switch hardware.

Do you think that if the Nintendo Switch console just limits the developer’s creativity? If you say yes, you are probably right, because developers can always take advantage of more powerful systems and it can help them develop really impressive games, although many games won’t take advantage of all that power. A powerful system does gives more room for developers to deliver even better experiences, at least for those who have game ideas that can benefit from it.

So this brings us to the mobility factor. Is it that important to give users the option to take their gaming device with them? Do people really need that portability? The answer is definitely yes and the mobile industry has proven it.  It’s true that the Nintendo Switch is not pocketable and not as small and easy to carry around compared to the Nintendo 3DS. However, it’s small enough to be easily taken in a small bag or a dedicated case. It’s small enough to make it comfortable to take it with you to a friend’s house, to play in bed or take it with you when you go to a vacation abroad. It’s like a tablet, even smaller than the average one. So if you didn’t have a problem taking a tablet with you, you won’t have a problem taking the Switch with you.

I think that people will greatly enjoy the Switch’s mobility. I think that people will enjoy having a more personal gaming devices. Many people do play games on their Android/iOS phones and tablets, but this brings us back to the exclusive games, and this is why people buy Nintendo consoles. So it’s not that the Switch needs to worry about competing against Android and iOS mobile devices as competing gaming machines.

So mobility is what Nintendo aimed for. If you love the 3DS, I’m sure that you’ll love the Switch. For me a comparison to the 3DS (And a like) is more relevant than comparing the Switch to the PS4 or Xbox One. Yes, you can buy a PS4 for that price and the game selection is much larger. If you do have debates whether to buy the PS4 or the Switch, you probably don’t need the Switch. Just look at the PS Vita. The reason I didn’t find the Vita useful is because of the titles, it’s a very well designed mobile gaming device, but I personally would have bought the 3DS instead of the PS Vita because of its games.

I think Nintendo made a good choice coming up with a device like that, but of course I would have wished that Nintendo also has a console that is powerful as the Scorpio. This is where you guys need to make the choices for yourself. I think that most people will buy the Switch because of the games and enjoy its mobility. If you only play games when you are at home and don’t need that mobility, the PS4 might be a better choice. Of course you need to ask yourself how many of those games coming in the first year for the Switch are you going to play? Maybe it’s worth waiting a bit, the Switch isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Also ask yourself whether you would have preferred playing 3rd party games and how bad it would be if the Switch won’t receive a lot of 3rd party titles?

There are many questions that I still don’t have answers for. I think that the Switch will need at least one or two years to become more attractive as more games are released for it. I think the Switch is powerful ‘enough’ to deliver great gaming experiences and allow gamers to enjoy high-quality gaming and Nintendo exclusives, especially if you are coming from the 3DS and wanted to play on a larger display with better graphics.

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch? Love it, hate it? Share your opinion in the comment section below.