Nintendo Switch equals Nintendo exclusive games

Every console that wants to be successful first need to attract developers to develop great games for it. In case of the Nintendo Switch, we can clearly see that the available games for console is quite limited. The thing is that Nintendo is all about Nintendo Games. Just think about it, would you buy a Nintendo Console like the Wii U only for playing games that are also available for other platforms, like the PS4 and Xbox One? Probably not. People who will buy the Nintendo Switch, will do it because of the exclusive Nintendo Games.

Some of the games that will be available for the Nintendo Switch will also be released for the Wii U, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some say that this title is the only title that can by itself sell tons of Switch devices. Gamers just love this series. Many of my friends even don’t mind buying a console just to play its exclusives.  It feels really bad when you can only afford one console and seeing cool games that you really want to play on another console, but you know that you just cannot afford buying it.

One of the great titles coming to the Nintendo Switch is also an exclusive title called ARMS. This title carries a triple-A price but it definitely looks like it’s going to be a big hit on the Switch.  Unfortunately, this title will only be released in Sprint 2017, alongside Disgaea 5 Complete, PuyoPuyo Tetris and Rime.  If you already pre-ordered the Switch, you’ll be able to buy and play only five titles: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1/2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, Just Dance 2017 and Skylanders Imaginators.

This is very limited amount of games, and those are the games that are confirmed for March 3, 2017. There might be even more games that weren’t confirmed yet, but I think that if there were, developers would have used the launch event as a platform to announce them. This is why I think that there won’t be more launch titles.

If you decide to buy all the titles it will cost you, let’s see..

  • Legend of Zelda – $59.99
  • 1-2-Switch – $49.99
  • Just Dance 2017 – $59.99
  • Skylanders Imaginators (Starter Pack)- $59.99
  • Super Bomberman R – $59.99

So to get all of those games in the US you’ll need to pay $289.95.  Now you can understand why people were complaining about the console and game pricing. If you just want to buy the Switch with, let’s say.. Zelda and Skylanders Imaginators, you’ll have to pay $300 + $120, so that’s $420 for console plus two games. This might be a good case, because some people might just find one game that they like and skip all the others.

Some of the better games won’t be out until later on in 2017. Games like Mariokart 8 Deluxe (April 28th), Snipperclips (March, 2017; my favorite game), Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017), Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017) and Xenonblade Chronicles 2 (2017). The has some great games going for it, but you will need to wait for them to come out. I’m sure that if at least 15 of those games planned for 2017 had been ready for day one, Nintendo would have sold many more units.

People who plan to buy the Nintendo Switch know that the only way to play titles like Zelda, ARMS, Snipperclips, Mariokart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey is on a Nintendo console. If you love those type of games, you have no other options but either to buy the Wii U or Switch. Obviously buying a Wii U now is a mistake, because you already have a better future-proof (let’s hope so) console which is the Switch. You might find the Wii U at a very cheap price now, but if you plan to play some of the exclusive Switch titles like ARMS and 1-2-Switch, you want to get the Switch and not the Wii U.

I have to admit that I don’t envy those who own the Wii U. If I had the Wii U and really wanted to play the new Zelda, I really don’t know what I would have done. Would I buy the game for the Wii U or sell it and buy the Switch with the Switch version of Zelda?

No matter what the decision is, I wouldn’t have any other option buy play on a Nintendo console. So for those who still don’t understand why so many people are pre-ordering the Switch and why it will become a popular console, not you understand. The real power of the Switch lies in its games. The more games for the Switch, the more popular it will become, simple as that. Let’s hope that we’ll get to hear about even more great titles in 2017.