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I’ve read tons of opinions about the Nintendo Switch, some good, some bad. I want to share my own opinion why I think the Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console. First of all, I have to admit that I first thought that Nintendo will come up with a more powerful gaming console that will compete against the PS4 and Xbox One. After Nintendo announced the Switch, I thought to myself whether I can relate to that decision, whether it’s a good move or a big mistake.


After thinking about it for a while, I can to a conclusion that it’s a good move. If it wasn’t for the mobility option, I think that people just wouldn’t even touch the Switch, because without being portable, it’s like having the same old console. People like me who really love the idea of playing games far from the desk, being able to take the console with me on the go or just play when I am in bed, I think will love the Switch. The thing is that the Switch isn’t pocketable and compact as the 3DS. People love the 3DS and 3DS XL for their portability. This is also the reason why many people love playing games on their mobile phones, because they can play it in their friend’s house, play at work (yep, some do that), play on the bus, on a trip, etc. So portability is very important, especially in the mobile phone era, so Nintendo has this.

So what exactly are your other options if you want to have a mobile console? Well, there are a few options like playing on your phone or tablet, buying the 3DS gaming device, buy a small laptop, but the Playstation Vita, and so on. In fact, there are some compact mobile devices that runs Windows and you can run Windows games on them, but they aren’t really that powerful.

So there are other options, so why buy the Nintendo Switch?

It’s not just about the hardware

So it’s not that there aren’t some option, but they are limited. When people are buying a gaming device, they are not just buying only a device, they want to be a part of community. This means that you belong to a community where you can share your enthusiasm about new games and play with other people who share the same excitement about the available games (especially exclusives) which are available for that particular platform. This feeling of belonging is very important for many people, because at the end of the day, it’s you and your console, regardless of what Nintendo wanted us to believe in with its marketing video. Most people are not organizing to play console games together outdoors, I believe only few people do that. Being a part of a community it’s like having a second family, but a family of people who really love doing what you love best, playing games.

So being part of a great community is great, but of course there has to be more substance to it. This is, literally, where the games come into play.

Nintendo games are different, and they should be

With the Nintendo  Wii U, we saw that many 3rd party developers have decided not to bring their games to the Wii U because it was hard to port their games to that less powerful console. Many people do want to play 3rd party games, and this is still something that Nintendo might have a problem. I think that if people will buy the Nintendo Switch in their masses, it will convince more third party developers even develop exclusive titles for it.

Just look at how many titles came to PlayStation VR. Many of those titles are exclusive VR titles, and the reason why we saw more than 50 games at launch is because of the popularity of the PlayStation 4 and the belief that many people who own the PS4 will buy the PSVR as well. So if Nintendo Switch will be very popular, it will attract more developers.

One question that I stumbled upon is whether Nintendo Switch users really want to play games like the one from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on their console? I don’t know what people are think nor I saw any statistics regarding this. What I know is that people love the 3DS for its mobility, people love Nintendo’s exclusives (e.g. Super Smash Bros., Zelda series, etc.) and there are some Ps4/Xbox One titles that people would have loved to play on their Nintendo Switch when it comes out. The same goes to PS4 and Xbox One players, many players would have loved to play some of the popular Nintendo titles.

So the exclusive titles are really important for the success of the console. In fact, many people buy a console purely knowing ahead of time that they intend to play a specific or some specific exclusive titles. The reason Nintendo is alive and breathing is because it introduces some amazing exclusive titles that people really enjoy playing.

In fact, many of those type of games just don’t exists anymore on other consoles. If you ask me what the first words coming to my head when I hear the word Nintendo, I would say: joyful, vivid colors, childhood, nostalgic memories, fun, different. Just look at games like Super Smash Bros. (Wii U, 3DS) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Splatoon, ARMS (Switch exclusive), Legend of Zelda series and the amazing upcoming co-op game Snipperclips for the Switch. I wish I have those games on the PS4. If I had those I would be a very happy and satisfied gamers, but I don’t have those on my PS4.

To enjoy some of those great titles I need to own either a Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL or Wii U. So one thing that I know is that Nintendo definitely aimed towards a slightly different market segment. Some say Nintendo should have aimed towards the more adult audience with the Switch, but I think this is exactly what they are doing. Being an adult doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying playing many of the games that Nintendo offer. It’s just that some people just love these type of games that developers are aimed exclusively for Nintendo’s gaming consoles because they know there is an audience for those game there. This is the reason why you don’t see some of these games on the PS4 and Xbox One.

So although it’s good to also have some games that are available for the PS4 to be available for the Nintendo Switch (e.g. Rocket League, oh.. wish we get to see this game on the Switch, because it is great to play on the go due to its short session matches and it’s an amazing online multiplayer game in general), the most important thing is that gamers will get those type of games that they expect from the console. I love Nintendo consoles because I love its titles, I love the cartoon-style visuals, I love feeling like a kid again. I love to see colorful games that feel me with excitement and happiness. I’m looking forward to play the amazing new Zelda Breath of the Wild, the amazing online competitive game called ARMS. Just looking at the art-style of these games feels me with excitement and I would play them over any of my favorite PS4 games like Destiny, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4 and even Uncharted 4. Of course I would love the option to play all of them, it’s just that the hardware is different, but if I had to choose, I would have chosen to play the Nintendo games.

So Nintendo Switch will have some games that you won’t be able to find anywhere else and those games should be different because they should satisfy the demand of those Nintendo so called ‘fans’ that are buying Nintendo console, not because they are blind fans, but because they want to play those type of games that just don’t existon other consoles. So exclusive games are really important for the success of the Nintendo Switch. I would have loved to see more exclusives, but I have not doubt that we get more great announcement and new releases through 2017.

There is one thing that for me was missing in the Wii U and although the Wii U wasn’t available in my country that time (why I finally bought the PS4 instead), is the online party voice chat feature. I met so many great friends because of the online voice chart features that is built into the PS4 itself. In the Switch you need an app and pay for the online services to enjoy this, which is a disadvantage in my opinion, and I would have loved just to have an option to just attach a headset, join a party and talk. Maybe there is a UI for this through the Switch, but I haven’t heard of it.

Let me help you out making a decision

I am not saying that over analyzing a specific console is a bad thing, but i’s important to understand that because it’s the Internet, you are going to hear millions of different opinions. At the end of the day you need to ask yourself a few simple question, which what I did myself:

  • Can I afford buying the console and at least two or three games?
  • Do I want to play and see myself enjoying the available games for the Switch like the new Zelda, ARMS, etc?

I answered both YES, so inside of me, I knew that I have to get this console for myself. If I had the Wii U, I would probably think whether I needed the mobility and care about the upcoming Switch exclusives.

Inside of you you probably already know the answer. I think that if you are excited like me for playing those amazing Nintendo games, can afford buying it and love the ability to being able to play those great games not just at home or near a large screen, I think you already know that you have to buy it.  I also skipped the 3DS XL because I knew the Switch is coming and it’s going to have a larger display and is much more powerful than the 3DS hardware, and although it’s not pocketable, I can always carry it in a small back bag – I know that the gaming experience will be well worth it. For me the magic of the Nintendo Switch lies in its amazing games and their art-style,the childhood memories that it brings up, the enthusiastic community, its mobility and knowing that more great things are about to come.

BTW, I am NOT affiliated with Nintendo in any way, just a PS4 player who love sharing his thoughts and one who plans to buy the Nintendo Switch pretty soon after release.

What your opinion about the Nintendo Switch? I’m interested to here your thoughts.