Nioh game screenshot

I’ve played Nioh today with a friend who has already finished the beta both on regular mode and twilight mode. From a person who didn’t play any of the Soul games or Bloodborne, coming to Nioh was a very hard experience. It’s even a hard experience for experience soul fans, so let alone for a newbie that making its first baby steps into this genre.

Nioh is a hard game for anyone who doesn’t understand the basic mechanics. It get more sustainable and maybe I can say, playable, the more experience you get. It has a very high learning curve and can get really frustrated at times. This is why this game is certainly not for everyone. Some people might prefer a more casual fighting game and save themselves all that trouble. That being said, you get much better feel of satisfaction when you progress in Nioh, compared to games with a lower learning curve.

One of the things that I hated the most is the Ki pulse management. It’s just stuck there and just ruin the all fluid fighting experience. It would have been better if it wasn’t there. Like this game really needs that added mechanic to make it even harder. Nioh wasn’t design to be an easy game of course. Any added mechanics just means more hours to play in order to master the game.

On the good side, there is tons of depth to the game, including the variety of weapons, armor and items. There are tons of thing to learn and understand. I know that when I pick up Nioh, I’ll need to spend days or even weeks in order to get some good basics. I actually was blow away when my friend told me he was able to finish the beta. He also told me that he got Platinum in Bloodborne in just 5 days. So I think that people who have experience in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, will have less trouble get into it.

I’ve read so many comments of people who are so frustrated with the learning curve of this game. Many people just seem to want to play a Samurai game. When suddenly a great game like Nioh comes to the PlayStation 4, they feel frustrated that it’s so hard, and I can relate to that. That being said, I prefer this game to be hard than easy. I prefer having a game that I can really put myself into, instead of playing a game that I can rush through in two days and finish.

I know it’s frustrating seeing people that finish the boss fight so fast. When I saw videos of the boss from the beta, it looked so easy, but when I went there with a friend, we lost two times. It was obviously my fault, because if you die in co-op and not revived on time, you lose the mission.  I also didn’t pay a lot of attention to the progression system, and didn’t level up my character and probably didn’t use the best great that I’ve collected.

I just wanted to say for everyone who is frustrated with how hard this game is for beginners, to not be. It’s an amazing game, and we don’t get to play so many of those game on the PS4. It has so much depth to it, a great looting and progression system, superb combat mechanics and great atmospheric visuals. You can play alone or with a friend, and I even heard that multiplayer will come soon I has all the good things that I was eager to have in a game. So it’s hard, so what, I’ll spend time learning it and I will become better. Trust me on this, you’ll get much better satisfaction accomplishing something hard than easy one.

I’ve decided to buy the game, ignoring all my frustrations with the beta due to how hard the game is. I highly recommend not giving up and giving this game a chance that it rightfully deserves.