There are two things that I’ve notice missing in For Honor that I would like to be updates. It’s tiny things but I think that there is not reason why they won’t be in this game. The first thing that I”ve notices is that if you look carefully at the feet of the players, they sometimes float on the ground. So instead of the animation being translated to a foot step movement, they feet just float. It’s very hard to see that, but if you look carefully it happens quite a lot. These are small movements, but it makes the character movement a bit less authentic in my opinion.

The second thing that I’ve notices is that there are no footsteps on the ground. I mean, in Battlefield 1 you have footstep marks and even deformation on the ground and the battlefield is much larger than in For Honor, so I don’t see a reason why Ubisoft won’t add this in the final version.

Minor complaints that I hope will be addressed. It’s those tiny things and attention to details that can make the game feel more authentic. In BF1 Dice did it amazingly well and I hope Ubisoft will pay attention to that as well.