The new Capture the Flag game mode in Overwatch really comes in a great time for me. I really wanted a game mode that will refresh things up for me.  In this mode, each team needs to capture the flag of the enemy’s team and bring the flag back to their base. Only one person can carry a flag. To capture a flag, you need to go to where the enemy’s flag is located, not far from the base, stand next to it for a few second, then quickly make your way back to where your team’s flag is located.

Because this game mode plays completely different than the other modes, there are some characters that are better for it. For example, Symmetra is very strong here because you can spread her little turrets that makes it very hard for the enemy to burst in, stand on the objective for a few seconds and run a way. Because you need to wait a few seconds to capture the flag, the turrets can meanwhile deal damage, and if there is an enemy player near by, he can take you out much faster.

I’ve also seen many people choosing Bastion. There are great places to position Bastion and he can really wrack everyone who gets close to the flag. Some even brought Merci to heal him up and it was really hard to get close to the flag or kill him.

I personally took Roadhog and I found him to be really useful, especially against Tracer, which is obviously the a must have character in this mode because of her fast movement and blinking.  Using your Ultimate is very important, maybe even more than the other modes. This is because if the enemy team gets the flag and gets 1 score, they might camp on their base, making it very hard for the enemy team to come back. Any failed attempt will just fuel their Ults that will make it even harder to capture their flag and tie up the game.

I also think that D.Va is a very useful character in Capture the Flag mode, because her  Ult can eliminate all Symmetra’s sentry turrets, kill the enemies and make path for the team to push in and grab the flag. I’ve also seen many players that pick up Symmetra because of her ability to construct a teleportation pad. In one game, a Symmetra player put a teleportation pad near out base and from that point on, it took the enemy team a few seconds to grab the flag and the game ended shortly after.

It’s also very important to support the player who holds the flag, because one a player holds the flag, all the players on the enemy team can see where he is located. They will start running after him to take him down and bring the flag back. This is the time that you need to make sure that you prevent the enemy from getting close to him. Mei is really useful here because of he ice wall, which can block the enemy movement.

By the way, many people choose Mei because she is great for both defense and offense. Her Ult can easily help to win a match and it’s one of the most useful Ultimates on the defense line if the enemy team really pushing hard.

I’ve found Zarya, which is one of my favorite characters, to be less useful in this mode. You don’t have a lot of engagements to power up your attack and she is more useful when she takes her time to charge he primary weapon. Also one on one she isn’t that great and can easily be taken out by a good Tracer, Roadhog and Mei. So she is a beat slow for this mode in my opinion and I opted not to use her after a few games.

Winston, yes Winston (“Hello there!”) is also useful in Capture the Flag, because he can put his shield and buy enough time for the team to capture the flag while avoiding Symmetra’s sentry turrets and some damage that might come from the enemy that come from their base.