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Nioh is too hard, but don’t give up or you might miss an amazing adventure

Nioh game screenshot

I’ve played Nioh today with a friend who has already finished the beta both on regular mode and twilight mode. From a person who didn’t play any of the Soul games or Bloodborne, coming to Nioh was a very hard experience. It’s even a hard experience for experience soul fans, so let alone for a newbie that making its first baby steps into this genre. Read more

Ubisoft really needs to allow everybody play For Honor in Open Beta

I’ve spent many hours just watching some gameplay of the upcoming multiplayer game, For Honor. I really want to get this game because I love multiplayer games and it looks really unique. My main problem is that I don’t know really what to expect from this game. I really need to try it myself in order to get the feel of the game. Read more

Why Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a party voice chat app built-in?


Cute kitty begging

So why Nintendo opted not to include a party chat (voice chat) app in the Switch and went with an external mobile app?  Well, I thought about some reasons why: Read more

Graceful Explosion Machine announced for Nintendo Switch

Another cool game that was announced for the Switch is called Graceful Explosion Machine or GEM for short. GEM is a side-scrolling arcade shooter. In this game you need to blast your way through swarms of crystalline enemies using your quad-weapon array. One of the things that really caught my eyes is how vivid and beautiful this game looks. The developer describes the worlds that you travel through as jewel-hued alien world. This worlds just look so stunning , lots of colors, dynamic shapes yet very simple and well-defined character designed and user interface. Read more

Playing local multiplayer games with the Nintendo Switch can be so much fun!

Friends playing computer games on couch in the living room

I think that one of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is its local multiplayer feature. This allow players to play together whether using the Joy-Con controllers on the same device or over a TV set up to 8 devices together at the same time. Of course the game is supposed to support it, but the hardware is capable of delivering great MP experience. Of course there is always an option to play online. Read more

Arms is a must-have competitive multiplayer game for Nintendo Switch

After watching the Nintendo Switch event in Tokyo on a live Stream, IO couldn’t ignore the fact that the aren’t many games coming for the Switch in the first month of its release. I think that it would be wise of Nintendo, to also focus on releasing games that have a higher replay value. Games that can play for a long time, unlike some games that you can complete in a few days or even in a few hours. Read more

Is Super Smash Bros. coming to Nintendo Switch or a new Smash game on its way?

New Super Smash game for the Nintendo Switch

I’ve just finished watching EWNetwork reaction to Nintendo Switch presentation. I paid a good attention to the chat and I could clearly tell that many users shown their frustration that there is no new Smash 4 / Super Smash Bros. I’ve also seen many negative comments in the Smash community of many Nintendo fans showing their disappointment. I’m sure that nothing would be more awesome than to finish the Nintendo Switch event with a launch of a new Smash game for this new console, but it didn’t happen. Read more

Making your first Nintendo baby steps? Check out Etika’s EWNetwork channel

As a soon to be a big Nintendo fan, I just found out about EWNetwork YouTube channel and see the amazing Etika making great videos about Nintendo games. It’s so great to see enthusiast games and Nintendo fans getting excited about upcoming games for Nintendo, especially when riding the hype train of the Nintendo Switch. Read more

Voice Chat app isn’t integrated into the Nintendo Switch, it’s also part of a paid service

illustrated character holding a megaphone

I have a lot of good things to say about the Nintendo Switch, but one of the things that really disappointed me was how the voice chat works with the Switch. According to an information presented on nintendo.com in the Online Service page, players can communicate via voice using a dedicated mobile device app. This brand new app will connect to the Nintendo Switch over and allow players to both chat with voice, invite friends to play online and also set play appointments. Read more

Nintendo Switch equals Nintendo Exclusive Games

Nintendo Switch equals Nintendo exclusive games

Every console that wants to be successful first need to attract developers to develop great games for it. In case of the Nintendo Switch, we can clearly see that the available games for console is quite limited. The thing is that Nintendo is all about Nintendo Games. Just think about it, would you buy a Nintendo Console like the Wii U only for playing games that are also available for other platforms, like the PS4 and Xbox One? Probably not. People who will buy the Nintendo Switch, will do it because of the exclusive Nintendo Games. Read more

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