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Advantages of Multiple Characters / Classes in Destiny

One of the questions that I stumbled upon while playing Destiny is whether I should I create a second or third character? One of the obvious reasons to do so is to try out a new type of class (e.g. Hunter, Warlock or Titan). Each class as its own arsenal of unique abilities that you can take advantage of, and each one give you a way to play Destiny in a different way. Read more

The 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun Review – Destiny

The 4th Horseman is a new special weapon shotgun introduced in the new Crota’s End DLC. I’ve got this shotgun doing a Nightfall strike. One of the unique features of this shotgun is its ability to shot in full auto mode (‘Thunderer’) as well as doing Arc Damage. It’s a special weapon, so it uses green ammo pickups that drops quite often. Read more

Unable to connect to PSN Error When Loading Destiny

If you are trying to reach PSN customer’s service via chat about the PSN connectivity issue, you probably should let it go. I’ve tried reaching them via chat, but there were 1300 customers ahead of me, and it wasn’t going that fast for me to get service in a timely manner. Read more

Some Things I Dislike about Destiny

There are tongs of positive things that I can say about Destiny (Played on PS4), but in this article I want to talk about the things that I dislike. Read more

No Land Beyond Exotic Sniper Rifle Review

‘No Land Beyond’ is one of the new sniper rifles introduced in Destiny The Dark Below DLC. Unlike some other sniper rifles that are used in the special weapon slot, this weapon is used in the primary weapon slot. Read more

Both PSN and Xbox Live are Down

It seems that not just PlayStation Network (PSN) is down, but also Xbox Live according to IGN. Read more

CE-33987-0 PSN Login Error Emerged

A half hour ago my PSN connection went down while playing Destiny. I ran an Internet check and got a CE-33987-0 error saying “Cannot connect to PSN within the time limit.“. I first thought that it’s an issue with my Internet connection, so I restarted the router and the PS4, but that didn’t solve the problem. Read more

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Online Gameplay Impressive Trailer

I’ve watched Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Multiplayer gameplay trailer (PS4) and I want to share my opinions with you.  Read more

Weapons in Destiny are a Blast!

I am really satisfied with the variety of weapons in destiny. It takes some time to unlock some of the unique legendary and exotic weapons in the game. Even if you plays hundreds of hours, you’ll still can’t get all of the exotic ones. Some weapons drop only in raid chests, so they are even harder to get, because you can only get raid chests once a week with every character. Read more

How Good is the Plan C Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny?

I got the Plan C from Xur the merchant at the tower. This is an exotic fusion rifle. One of the main advantages of this rifle that compared to other fusion rifles, it has faster charge times and reduced recoil (depends on the upgrades that you make active).  Read more

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