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8 Nintendo Switch Noteworthy Disadvantages

Nintendo Switch disadvantages

I am really excited about the Nintendo Switch, but I’m also aware of some of its noteworthy disadvantages. Still, I’m positive that at the end of the day I will enjoy the console. Here are some of the things that I think go against the Switch and I want to see bring improved in the next iteration. Read more

For Honor or Nioh – which one should I buy?

For Honor vs Nioh

Today I set down and starting thinking to myself, which game should I buy, Nioh (February 9, 2017) or For Honor (February 14, 2017). I will probably buy only one of them because they are vety closed in terms of their release date. Making a decision between the two isn’t easy, because they are both really cool fighting games. Read more

Nintendo Switch – it’s not just about the hardware, some magic is involved

Nintendo Switch magic involved banner with magician

I’ve read tons of opinions about the Nintendo Switch, some good, some bad. I want to share my own opinion why I think the Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console. First of all, I have to admit that I first thought that Nintendo will come up with a more powerful gaming console that will compete against the PS4 and Xbox One. After Nintendo announced the Switch, I thought to myself whether I can relate to that decision, whether it’s a good move or a big mistake. Read more

This is why I am buying the Nintendo Switch

Buying Nintendo SwitchI am a PS4 player and before I bought my console, I really wanted to buy the Nintendo Wii U because I love the original and exclusive titles that Nintendo releases.  For me Nintendo games were always fun, colorful and full of joy and reminded me some of the many games that I used to play when I was a child. Read more

No footprints in the mud and slightly floaty movement animation – For Honor

There are two things that I’ve notice missing in For Honor that I would like to be updates. It’s tiny things but I think that there is not reason why they won’t be in this game. The first thing that I”ve notices is that if you look carefully at the feet of the players, they sometimes float on the ground. So instead of the animation being translated to a foot step movement, they feet just float. It’s very hard to see that, but if you look carefully it happens quite a lot. These are small movements, but it makes the character movement a bit less authentic in my opinion. Read more

For Honor is an amazing fighting game – Ubisoft accepting signups for the closed beta

I’m so excited about the game For Honor. I can’t recall playing a game like that before, at least not one with a competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Anything about this game just looks amazing. I love the beautiful visuals and fire effects, it feels so atmospheric. The character design is out of this world, and the animations are so cool.  Read more

Bard’s Tale IV is in the making

Today I’ve just came across the game The Bard’s Tale IV. The game is being developed by inXile Entertainment. Bard’s Tale was one of my most favorite games when I was a child and I am so happy to hear that yet another installment of this game is coming to the PC. Read more

Why I am buying the Nintendo Switch on March 2017

My brother flew to the US a few days ago and he wanted to buy the New Nintendo 3DS XL. I told him that it’s better to way for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I think that the Nintendo Switch is going to be a huge hit, not just among Nintendo fans, but also among PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers. The Nintendo Switch device is brings something new to the table, a hybrid gaming system which you can use to play on a regular display or snap it out from the its stand and use it like a tablet. Read more

Battlefield 1 and #RIPCOD Reactions?


I don’t think that DICE has expected to get such a warm welcome after the Battlefield 1 reveal. We can clearly see that the FPS community, especially Battlefield loyal fans, have been showing their satisfaction by putting their upvote in the Battlefield 1 trailer on YouTube. Read more

Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty Infinite Warfare vs Verdun

EA and DICE have finally revealed the latest installment of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1. It seems that the name kind of suits the game because it takes place in a time before the modern BF2 (early 21st century) and before Battlefield 1942 (World War II). To be honest, I don’t really care about the name, I care about the game itself. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for a great new BF title, and maybe, this time, EA nailed it. Read more

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