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What is No Man’s Sky Game All About?

dinosaur like animal in No Man's Sky screenshot

I can’t recall any game in recent years that caused so much confusion. It seems that many gamers just can’t seem to understand about is this game and how to categorized it, and I included myself in that list. No Man’s Sky is one of the most ambitions projects that we’ve seen lately, but some gamers think that it’s too hyped and might disappoint many gamers when it’s released. Read more

Why I’ve Decided to buy Battlefield 4 for PS4 now (2015)?

Today I’ve ordered Battlefield 4 Premium Edition on my PS4. I already bought it on the PC when it first came out, but stopped playing it because of all the issues it had.  I  waited until E3 2015 in order to decide whether to buy it or not. Read more

For Honor – Best E3 2015 Game IMHO

In my opinion, ‘For Honor’ is the most exciting game among all the games that I’ve seen in E3 2015, brought to us by Ubisoft Montreal. The release date for For Honor hasn’t been revealed yet, but Ubisoft did share a gameplay footage. Read more

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Announced in E3 2015

I love playing shooters, but I have to admit that I kind of fed up with the conventional shooters like COD and BF, I want something new.  Back then I was playing Battlefield 3, and a lot of it. I stopped playing it once Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was released, and I immediately felt in love with it. Read more

My Top 3 Games from E3 2015 with Gameplay Trailers

I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with E3 this year. As a PS4 owner, I had high expectations for new exclusive in 2015, but most of the games that were announced will be released in 2016. There is also any exciting multiplayer game other than Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Star Ward Battlefront, which I was quite disappointed with after seeing some gameplay footage. Read more

New Doom Announced in Bethesda E3 and it looks amazing

I had to admit, I didn’t know what to expect from Bethesda’s E3 2015 event,but it was their first E3 event so I was very excited for them. I was quite disappointed with Elder Scroll Online, and I was a bit pessimistic about the upcoming games and whether the new Doom can deliver. Read more

Splatoon – One of the reasons why I want a Wii U

Why there aren’t any of those type of games for PS4? When I saw a gameplay of Splatoon today, I just envy those who have Wii U and will be able to play this game when it arrived on May 29. This is among those type of games which look so cute and are probably amazing to play.  Read more

Replayability – The Importance of Replay Value in Video Games

I’ve played a lot of games in my life, both on PC and consoles. Games like The Bard’s Tale (1985/PC), Space Quest 1/2/3, King Quest, Wonder Boy (1986/Commodore 64) and many other games, those I cherish in my heart, and I will always remember how I enjoyed those game so much. Read more

Disappointed with PS4 – Where are the Great Multiplayer Games?

I bought the PS4 a few months ago. There were several reasons why I’ve decided to by a console instead of buying a new PC. I really liked the fact that I can  invest in a single dedicated gaming machine and won’t have to worry about upgrading the hardware. The price was just right and I knew that I won’t experience any low frame rates and any game’s out for this console will be optimized for it and run smoothly. I do care about graphic quality, but it isn’t my main concern. Read more

COD Black Ops 3 – I Might play COD This time

All I’ve seen as the moment is the Black Ops 3 trailer, but it did elevated my expectations from this shooter this time around. I played Black Ops II and enjoyed it, but went back to play Battlefield. This time I might switch – for the first time and play COD instead of Battlefield. Read more

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